Maybe Matilda: Five Favorites and a Whole New Look!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Five Favorites and a Whole New Look!

Have you noticed my blog's new look? My little sister, Bekah (an advertising/graphic design major at BYU), is amazing and gave me a makeover. She very subtly mentioned one day, "So do you . . . uh . . . do you like how your blog looks?" Kind of reminded me of the husband's, "Is that what you're wearing?" So discrete. But hey, if she's gonna offer, I'm gonna hit her up for free design work! 

Another of her many talents is sewing nagging my mom to sew for her! They were inspired by my crazy cat lady thrift store dress makeover and did a little makeover of their own on a less-than-lovely thrift store dress.
Thrift Store Dress Redo @ . . . doesn't everybody have a craft blog?
 Isn't she cute? I love the after--they shortened it up a bit, added little cap sleeves, and tied a ribbon around the waist. Nice! And courage in the face of awkward pictures must be a family trait . . . I'm looking back at my dress makeover before pictures, and here are Bekah's . . . we must both be missing the dignity gene. (Bekah, however, possesses the highly desirable body-of-a-Barbie-doll gene, and I'll never forgive her for that.)

I never knew you could spray paint shoes! Oh, the possibilities! How adorable are those flats?!

 I love green and purple together--they were actually my wedding colors--so of course I'm crazy about this necklace! And isn't that rosette neat, with the chain twisted in?

Jen was invited to Jessica's Pattern Remix Series at Me Sew Crazy (seriously, coolest series idea ever: take an existing pattern/tutorial, change it up, make it yours!) and created this incredible dress, inspired by a Shabby Apple number. It looks a-freakin-mazing . . . even better than the original!

Now that I'm gazing at that lovely dress, I'm not really sure I should be looking at something like this (I'd like to be able to fit into dresses that I sew . . . ), but really? Chocolate chip cookies, cookie dough ice cream, hot fudge, and whipped cream? Be still, my beating heart!

If you were featured, snag yourself a button to show off if you'd like:


What are you working on this weekend?


  1. Thanks for featuring me! I'm so flattered! Grabbing a button :-)

  2. love the new look (although didn't find anything wrong with the old look!).
    thanks for sharing all those great creative ideas!

  3. Love the new look.. I'm needing to do something with my blog very soon!

  4. Um, hi Rachel, it's me Rachel! As you may already know, you are rather fabulous. I gave you the versatile blogger award. Add it to your collection. :) Go read nice things about yourself!

  5. The dress you made is so cute. I like it with the cap sleeves you added.

    I don't remember anything wrong with the old look, but the new website look is fabulous!

  6. Thanks for featuring my Cookie Dough Freeze! Hope you are enjoying this nice long weekend :)

  7. I love the new look!! What a cute dress make over, I love it - I might have to go see what in my closet could be re-made!

  8. The Dress Redo is's a whole new dress! And your features are always the best!

    ~Edi from
    (Blogger still won't let me login and comment!)

  9. i'm in mexico for the summer which means i can't cook or sew for 4 whole months.

    i'm bookmarking all my favorite american things now so when i finally return i can get started on my "summer" to-do list.

    rest-assured, i bookmarked pretty much everything on your site! you are just so cute! :)

  10. Lucky girl! I wish I could find someone to redesign my blog, especially as cute as this!

    Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog. I'm a new follower of your blog as well. (:

  11. I am totally jealous of your new look, I need someone to design something for my's just plain pitiful. :(

    But, love the new look!

  12. Love the new look of the dress and I HAVE to make the cookie dough freeze!

  13. The cookie dough ice cream is worth it ;-)


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