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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day

Did we all have a nice Memorial Day weekend? What did you do? Jeff, Forrest and I headed out to watch the Quad Cities Criterium bicycle races yesterday.

Jeff is a bit of a cyclist, so he had a great time watching the competitors fly by (and whine about their $2000+ bikes compared to his $100 bike bought off craigslist. All in good time, my dear. I do believe we can add that to the list of Reasons You Wanted to Become a Doctor).

It was the perfect chance for me to play around a bit with my camera's manual settings (which reminds me, a photo post with some of the suggestions you've sent me to learn photography is coming soon!):

(I actually think the top ghost riders picture is my favorite)

Forrest, surprisingly, had a fun time, too--this boy usually hates being in his stroller, but I think there was enough action to keep him interested.
And I had to toss this one in, because if all you know of me is this blog and I can make myself look however I want, you'd see this and maybe just for a moment you'd think, oh my, isn't she chic and cool?
But here's where we'll get real and you can see how my life really goes (and if you real-life-know me, you'll think, yep, that sounds about right)--I got cannonballed right in the gut with a cyclist's water bottle like 10 minutes after Jeff took this photo. It was less than chic. Did you know that the riders just ditch stuff as the race goes on so they can pick up more speed toward the end? Let me tell you, a water bottle released by a cyclist going 35 miles per hour comes flying at you pretty dang fast. Consider yourself warned: cyclist debris could be flying your way really, really quickly. And, if you're me, will be flying your way. More than once. I dodged a second water bottle--this one coming at my head--by mere inches a minute or so after the first one tried to knock me out.

Tres chic!

(by the way, this isn't the funny story I referenced in my post yesterday . . . still working on that one. Hopefully it won't be a total dud now that I've built it up so much. That'll be awkward.)


  1. your looking fierce there though, those dang bikers! this brings back memories of a few triathalons i did before having the kiddo's. i was the one with the cheap bike too:)

  2. I love the shot of you with the stroller. You look so chill. AAAAAAND cyclists are jerks. ;)

  3. Oh no! That had to hurt! Glad you got the chic photo first :)

  4. You were in my neck of the woods, Rock Island. I work right across from where you were standing. (I'm a creepy stalker now, huh?) I totally didn't know they threw bottles and such. Thank goodness it didn't hit the little guy. (Not that I don't care about your well-being. I hope you were okay. ;))

  5. Yikes! Good luck with the photography its crazy addicting!! {love your shirt}

  6. Oh no! I hope you weren't hurt! I can totally relate to this story, because just last weekend my 17 yr old competed in the OC Triathlon. As we were leaving, he was picking up something over the netting near the 1st transition. At first I was thinking he was being polite picking up a piece of trash...NOPE....he was retrieving the water bottle he chucked over the netting so he could sprint towards the finish! lol! (at least there was no one in the transition area when he did this!)

  7. That last picture is such a modelesque shot! Thanks for sharing and it looks like the whole family had a lot of fun!

  8. Rachel, I don't know what you're talking about with me having the Barbie doll figure. Your figure looks exactly the same as mine in that posing picture. Although your arms don't look like pencils (which is a good thing), nice and toned. You look super skinny.

    (this is Rebekah by the way, I was too lazy to log mom out)

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  10. A good story today...but I am still waiting for the funny one!

  11. It's ok to get hit by a water bottle...well, maybe not ok BUT it is better than other alternatives.

    In the marathon I ran in October I saw a spectator get showered with a glass full of water being thrown by a runner and then when I crossed the finish line I sat down in the shade only to have some dude come over next to me and barf all over my shoes. Nice.

    And because we are poor I had to keep using the vomit rockets until I got new shoes for Christmas! Boo Hoo for me.

  12. Well that will be something you remember about the day, that's for sure. And how cute are you, hanging out with your sweet boy?! I love that you totally rock short hair. Gorgeous!

  13. Wow, there are so many competitors! It looks like such fun!


  14. So I had to share this post with my honey who's a cyclist and a photographer... he agreed you look tres chic and he's sorry they throw bottles!


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