Maybe Matilda: Dress Up a Tabletop with Jaime of Crafty Scrappy Happy!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Dress Up a Tabletop with Jaime of Crafty Scrappy Happy!

Do you ever stumble across a blog and become instantly hooked? And you search around for the "follow" button before you've even finished reading the first post? And every time you see a new post, you get all giddy and excited because you know it's just going to be amazing?

That's what Jaime's blog, Crafty Scrappy Happy, is for me, and I'm so happy that she was willing to share a post with you guys over here today! I've kind of felt like she's my little secret up until today, but I guess I'll share her with you. Jaime has the most beautiful cottage-y style home that looks like it came straight out of a magazine, and I love her unique take on DIY and decorating.

So here she is!

 Hi!  I am Jaime from Crafty Scrappy Happy and I am SO honored to be here today!  I just adore Rachel and her blog.
Here is a little photo of my project for today:
{A clever way to dress-up a tabletop}
{or any wood surface really}
But first I would love to introduce myself... I am Jaime from Crafty Scrappy Happy.
I am a crazy up-cycling, DIY-er, and girl on a budget.  I LOVE to drool over things that I wish I could spend a million dollars on and then make my own version (or at least attempt to)!  And I love to come up with and try new crafty "techniques" (my project today is one of them!).
If I had to pick my favorite crafty tools I would say---mod podge (I mean what can't you use it for?!?), a hand held sander (I love to distress everything) and encyclopedia paper (I am obsessed...I created a help-group for it awhile back; encyclopedia-paper-arts-and-crafts-addicts-anonymous or EPAACAA (not really) but for real; that stuff shows up in a large amount of my projects and I just adore it!). Here are a few of my past projects . . . I couldn't even tell you how thrilled  I would be if you wanted to stop by and check them out!
 Have I mentioned I love making new blog friends?!?!  You can find me at Crafty Scrappy Happy.
~So without further ado here is my project for today~

(Click read more below to see Jaime's beautiful table makeover!)

My little table started out a bit plain. 
So I had fun picking out some of my favorite scrapbook paper ---Amy Butler design I must note. 
I then mod podged my paper (the side of the paper that you want on your project should be facing down) to the table.
Let your mod podge dry for a couple of hours and then...
Just add water....well kind of.  Dip your fingers into a little water and *gently* rub away your paper---the image will remain along with a layer of mod podge while the paper will be removed.
This is such a simple project, but the rubbing does take a put on a fun TV show relax and rub the paper away (did I mention gently?!?).
When everything was all cleaned up and rubbed off I sealed the surface with another layer of mod podge.
And then my hand sander and I did some distressing of the little table.
Ta-da!  Your little project is all dressed up and has a more durable surface (this is an added bonus to using this technique as opposed to just mod podging paper right onto your project).
My little project {SO} isn't perfect, but I almost always say at the end of my tutorials, they never are....and I almost like them better that way!
I am really liking this new (to me anyways) technique and am already thinking of new projects to use it---are you?!?!
As a side note, 
I used a similar technique to make these pottery barn knock offs.
Anddd because I mentioned in my intro that my 3 favorite "crafty tools" include a sander, mod podge and encyclopedia paper I thought I would give you a little sneak peek of my Father's day project I am going to have on my blog tomorrow----yesss it has encyclopedia paper on it! 
Stop by tomorrow to check it out :o)  
And thank you for letting me take over Maybe Matilda for the day.
 It has been GREAT to meet you!!!

Is that table not the cutest little thing you've ever seen? Jaime is incredible. Am I right or am I right? 
You really ought to check out the rest of her handiwork at Crafty Scrappy Happy . . . you'll fall in looooooooove!


  1. Oh goodness...I knew I loved Jaime...but I didn't realize just how much until I saw that little table...ummmm...I'm going out today to find a little table so I can do JUST THAT to it...awesome!!!!!!!!!

  2. Cute! I gotta go check out her blog, now!

  3. This is amazing! That's what Jaime does...amaze, amaze, amaze!! I love that girl!!

  4. Thank you SO SO SO much for letting me guest post on your blog today Rachel! It really means so much to me! Your sweet words are just wonderful :o) I hope you have a wonderful day!

  5. How cute! Hmm might have to look for a new project to do with the modge podge we have haha

    I visit blogs and look for the like button haha So used to facebook, I might eventually remember I'm not going to find a like button ha

    From the etsy blog team and a new follower! =)

  6. Great innovative project! Thanks for sharing. Kristy from my crafty healthy diy blog


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