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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Five Favorites 6/4

I had to count off what number month we were in about 3 times to make sure I got it right . . . this is June already? And June is the 6th month of the year? Does anybody else feel like they're in some time vortex? I swear it was just February, like, ten minutes ago!

Anyway, time vortex or not, here are my five favorites from this week!

Have you been following the Vintage Crafter's Challenge at Simple Simon & Co.? (At least humor me and say you saw my contribution!) I love this dress that Danielle of My Sparkle came up with using her vintage items--look at the little rooster! So adorable!

What a perfect, happy little embroidery project! I've done some hand-embroidery and, well, I don't love it. But Allison's embroidery is enough to make me want to give it another shot. Everything she makes is absolute perfection!

Look at this adorable little octopus! I love the little bow on her head . . . she's ready to party. And the mismatched legs (tentacles?)! I want one!

Would you believe me if I said this shirt came from a men's size XL polo? No? Well, it did, and you should really learn to trust people. Is that refashion amazing or what?! And Lisa is too cute--just look at that picture. If I still had long hair, I'd drive to her house every morning and beg her to make mine look like that. That's why my hair is gone now . . . I could spend hours trying to replicate a hairdo like that and still end up looking like I just rubbed a balloon on my head.

You know what I love just as much (or even more!) than ruffles? A pirate sewing pun. Good job on the blog name, Krista. I think this little pouch for your sunglasses is so cute, and wouldn't it be nice to not end up with baby peanut butter fingerprints all over your sunglass lenses because they had a cute little case to live in? Who knew such lofty dreams could be reachable?!

Nice work, ladies, I'm totally jealous of your crafting skills! If you want to show off that I love you enough to creepily stalk your blogs and steal your pictures, grab yourselves a little badge:



  1. You are too funny! Thanks for the feature. Can't wait for the stalking to begin :).

  2. I want Lisa's hair, too. I will stop sulking about that for now though and thank you for the feature!

  3. Thanks so much for the feature and sweet words!

  4. Golly what a great group to be part of. And I sure love your spunk! Thanks for the mention. And I agree pirate sewing puns are funny!

  5. I love the t-shirt refashion. I want to give that a try. It's so cute.


  6. sp many lovely inspirations. The refashion T-shirt is my favorite.



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