Maybe Matilda: Yeah, it's another crochet baby blanket. Like you didn't already know.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Yeah, it's another crochet baby blanket. Like you didn't already know.

(First: the winner of the 3 pattern giveaway from Violette Field Threads is Marcy! Yay! (Marcy, I've sent you an email . . . let me know if you don't see it!) For everybody else, remember, you can save 15% on  your purchase from their shop with coupon code Matilda!)

Well, you guys are good guessers! My teaser post last week didn't turn out to be that big of a tease, apparently, since most of you guessed it spot on . . . I finished up another baby blanket recently! (My other crochet baby blankets are here and here)
How fun is that?! I'm really enjoying the cute pattern on this one. As usual, it took me days and days of poring through crochet patterns on Ravelry and Pinterest before making a decision (I don't know why choosing a pattern is always such a struggle for me . . . I guess because crocheting a blanket is a real time commitment, and how frustrating would it be to get halfway through and realize you hate how it's turning out?). 
I used the Sunny Spread pattern and just made fewer squares than the pattern calls for to end up with a baby size. It was a really fun pattern to make (I'd definitely recommend it if you're searching for a blanket pattern!), and I loved watching the little wheel motifs take shape, but let me tell ya, I hated connecting all the squares. You know how people sew quilt tops and then send them out to be professionally quilted and bound? In the future, I might just crochet mountains of squares and find a sweet old granny to put 'em all together for me. But considering our debilitating poverty (darn you, student loans, darn you to heck!), I hope Granny is okay with payment in the form of homemade cookies and slobbery baby kisses.
I'd like to make another Sunny Spread blanket with colorful circles, like this one from Raveler CaseyPlusThree--it looks so fun with the bright centers! But the thought of weaving in a thousand little different-colored yarn tails makes me want to cry . . . which is why I've only crocheted single color blankets so far.

(Also, if you know a little cutie who needs a sweet purple blanket, this one's in my shop!)

And since you're all such hot shots at identifying projects in the works, wanna make some guesses at what these are?





 I'll be sharing my blanket at some of my favorite link-ups . . . check them out if you're looking for gazillions of great ideas!


  1. Gorgeous blanket!! Absolutely love it.

    1- a frame
    2- a chest of some sort
    3- dish towels or file cabinet folders
    4- a toilet bowl award :)

    If I got a single guess right I'll be amazed.

  2. Aww, I adore this baby blanket! I had to laugh when you mentioned crying at the thought of weaving all those different colors in the center of each circle. I feel the EXACT same way. I love to crochet, but sometimes it gets so tedious that I want to pull my hair out! I would love for you to come link this up at So Sweet Sundays! :)

    As for guessing the pictures...

    1. Book Letter Picture Frame Wreath (very specific, I know)
    2. Cool looking chest
    3. Drapes of some sort
    4. A lamp base?

  3. i think you may have make the very cutest baby blankets i have ever seen m whole life. i started following your blog because of the green one. they are just perfect!
    - gabby

  4. Actually I didn't know or guess...I thought they were hot pads or something. (I'm an idiot.)

    BUT---the blanket is darling.

  5. too funny! i actually thought they were dish cloths...guess you stumped me:) super cute by the way!

  6. 1--Lamp Shade
    4--Lamp Base

    How'd I do? lol

  7. Love the way it turned out!! Purple is my fave!

  8. these crochet blankets are so gorgeous!!! If I only had the patience for such things, they are so worthwhile. Truly beautiful! I am jealous :)

  9. Love love love the purple baby blanket! It's completely and utterly gorgeous!!

    Ashley xxx

  10. LOVE it!!!! You are truly a crochet master (you have to say this in a mister miagi voice to get the full version)!!!!!

  11. How beautiful! You're amazing.
    Let's see... I think #1 is a paper covered wooden letter. #3 looks like some kind of curtain/window-shade. #4 looks like a bowl or a teapot thing.
    Do you seriously have that many projects going on at once???

  12. I absolutely love your blanket! What a gorgeous pattern - I've never seen anything like it before and it's just lovely. Have a fab week!

  13. That is such a pretty blanket, love the purple!

    p.s. thanks for the link love on my sunny spread! the end weaving in wasn't so bad, I made all the circles first and weaved their ends in before starting with the chocolate

  14. My goodness you're talented! I really would love to learn to crochet. Did you teach yourself? Any good how-to book recommendations?

  15. Love the blanket & the pretty. Following from Sumo‘s Sweet Stuff link party. Would love to have you link this up to my {wow me} wednesday link party going on right now over on my blog. Hope to see you there.


  16. The baby blanket is beautiful and the color is lovely. Thanks for stopping by and commenting in my blog.

  17. I still haven't figured how to best connect squares....I have piles of squares and no blankie..... Your blanket is beautiful.

  18. I love this blanket. I featured it on my blog tonight.

  19. Your blanket is very pretty and I love the color! I have a cushion cover made ​​with the pattern, but your blanket looks better:)


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