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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Spotlight on The Bungalow Boutique

I have a little gift for you today--would you like to shake the box and guess what it is? No, it's not socks . . . or a sweater . . . or a puppy . . . it's your new favorite shop! I want to share with you two of my favorite little stores, The Bungalow Boutique in Heber, Utah:
The Bungalow Boutique is a pair of adorable little shops specializing in handmade crafts, home decor, specialty kitchen products, and trendy arts. And the owner happens to be my own mama, an amazing interior designer who opened the boutique to share her love of trendy decor and products to beautify your life.
Here's what I think makes the Bungalow Boutique such a unique and fun place to visit--it's not just a bunch of pretty items my mom picked out of a catalogue. It's filled with a huge variety of products from contemporary furniture and home decor to local food products to designer clothing to handmade crafts made by local Utah artists (including yours truly!)--I seriously can't imagine anyone leaving without finding something to love at the Bungalow.
I love the entire roomful of gorgeous, feminine clothing you'll find at the Bungalow. And around holidays, there's always plenty of adorable seasonal decor and gifts:
I love the kids' items--how fun would these drawer pulls be in a little one's bedroom?
But my very favorite things at the Bungalow are the handmade products--like these super cute headbands:
Seriously adorable photo frames:
Refinished furniture and home decor (I really want this desk):
And there's so much more--handmade accessories for kids and adults, jewelry, purses, paintings and photography by local artists, knitting and crochet, paper products, and even some craft supplies so you can be inspired and get busy yourself.

You can visit the Bungalow Boutique at 312 and 340 South Main Street in Heber City, Utah (check out a map right here)--and this weekend is the perfect time to go, since you can check out neighboring Midway's Swiss Days while you're there, to check out the parade, vendor booths, and delicious food!

Are you a Utah crafter looking for the perfect venue to showcase your work? 
Here's the scoop: you can rent a booth at the Bungalow Boutique starting at $50/month . . . and, unlike most craft boutiques, you keep every penny you make from the products you sell--no commission! Just pay your $50 booth rental and work one day per month in the stores, and you're all set to start making money off of the crafts that, really, you'd be making anyway. Contact Char at 801-550-1167 to get started!
Visit the Bungalow Boutique's website here, and become a facebook fan right here
*PS, I'm not getting paid or anything for writing this spotlight post . . . I just really love the Bungalow and think you'll love it, too! Go check it out and tell me how much fun you have there!*


  1. You have me drooling! I totally wish I could go to those cute shops! Darn---looks like I wouldn't be able to leave without a pile of treasures that is for sure! Welll I will keep it in mind just in case I ever get to UT!
    Jaime :o)

  2. I love that top! wish you could shop online.

  3. I adore this little shop! I would love to go there when I go back home to visit my family! Thanks for the heads up!

  4. I wish I lived closer so I could stop by! It looks REALLY cool!

  5. Oooo I wish we had a cute little shop like that in Austin. Maybe we do, I just need to explore more. : )


  6. I wish to go to that shop and have that handmade products-cute headbands! I would love wearing those and I just can't wait to have them now.They just look beautiful and the design is awesome!

  7. I was just in Park City/Heber/Midway for the long weekend. I'm so sad I didn't see this post sooner so I could have checked out this fun shop -- darling stuff!

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