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Saturday, September 24, 2011

CAL :: Never Mind. Another Schedule Change.

Okay, guys, I'm sorry . . . I don't think I should have messed with the schedule for our crochet along. I was worried that those who are finishing quickly (or even are already done) would get bored, so I bumped up the finish date . . . but then I got to thinking, wouldn't it be worse for those who are crazy busy or have questions or aren't getting the hang of it yet to not be able to finish in time to share their projects and be in the running for a prize? 

So let's just go back to the original schedule, okay? Here's the real, I-promise-I-won't-mess-with-you-anymore calendar for the rest of the crochet along. Seriously. This is it. No more changes. Scout's honor.

Mon 9/26 Finishing off, weaving in ends, sewing ends together

Fri 9/30 Working in circles (not applicable to our project, but essential if you want to make my favorite . . . hats!) and finish up that cowl for Wednesday!

Wed 10/5 Link up your cowl, and start voting for favorites!

Mon 10/10 Winners announced!

Sound good? Feel better? Excellent.

And, while I've got you, I thought I'd show you a few options for minor changes you can make to the Time Out Cowl pattern if you want to change the look!

If you think it's too long . . .
Stop early! Check the size by draping it around your neck and just finish it off when it reaches the length you want. This way, you'll get a snug, close-fitting cowl instead of a big, long, drapey cowl.

If you think it's too thick . . .
Use worsted weight yarn and a smaller hook instead of bulky yarn! You'll end up with a drapier, thinner scarf that won't be nearly as thick and chunky as the original.

If you want a more versatile piece . . . 
Add a twist! When you reach the end of your cowl, just flip one end over and sew the short ends together, creating a twist in your cowl. Now you can wear it as a cowl, or as a little shoulder wrap shawl with a cute crossover in the middle!

Feel free to make changes from the pattern as it's written . . . that's part of the fun of making something yourself--you can change it to fit your style! Have fun crocheting and don't stress . . . you've got plenty of time to finish up your cowl. And check out our flickr group for some cowl inspiration--I love seeing your work!


  1. oh my goodness i love that lightweight one.

  2. Everyone's projects are great. I love to see how different everyone's take is. I wish I would have joined you, maybe next time.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Bless your pretty little heart. I AM going to finish this but wasn't going to make the original deadlie..but I can totally make it now! And mine will be short (because I like it that way, not because I'm lazy. :P)....and I used a thinner yarn and smaller neeedles..again, because I like the look (not because I was yelling at the larger needle and thicker thread).

    Your instructions are incredibly helpful!!! I've tried to teach myself in the past and kind of made it work. I feel that I may actually be doing it right now. Thanks blog buddy!!

  5. Thanks for changing the deadline back! I was ahead at first and didn't mind the bumped-up times, but my weekend suddenly became nonstop work so I was slightly worried I wouldn't finish on time. Loving the photos of alternate ideas, especial the twisty wrap thing. :)

  6. I have no problem with the deadline... anyway thanks for giving us some ideas in finishing our cowl. I'm thinking to create the twist type...

  7. These are all gorgeous options!!!

  8. love the cluster cowl. did you use a specific yarn to create that look or is it literally worsted yarn clustered together? adorable!

  9. Amy Lou--I held two strands of worsted weight yarn together to make that cowl, and used this pattern:

    I made a few minor changes to the pattern, but there you have it!

  10. I love the infinity wrap. How did you make it and what patteren did you use? Would love to make some for Christmas presents. Thanks for the Cal even though I just found you (mine will be done later tonight or tomorrow).

  11. Hi Lisa! I used this pattern to make the infinity wrap:

    I made a few changes (I altered the width, and obviously made it much shorter and sewed the ends together with a twist!), but it's a great pattern--you'll love it!


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