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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Crochet Along :: Vote for a Project!

IT'S HAPPENING, PEOPLE! After an overwhelmingly positive response on my last post about the possibility of a Maybe Matilda crochet-along, I know we are so going to rock the crocheted socks off this thing. I'm so excited that so many of you want to learn to crochet, or improve at it, or branch out and try something out of your norm! So before we have a big old kick-off to get started, we need to decide on a project to work on together. Many of you commented on a favorite project from the last post, but since many people didn't mention a favorite, I wanted to do a more formal vote to make sure that the pattern we work on together is the one that the majority of you are interested in.

Here are our contendors (by the way, these are all free patterns available online) (also, I haven't made any of these items before, but from reading through the patterns, I think any of these would make a good first crochet project.):

Make sure to vote on the little survey at the bottom of this post for the project you like the best and want to learn to make during our crochet-along! We'll kick this puppy off (hmmm, that's a rather horrifying mental image, isn't it?) in a few days--I'll let you know what supplies you'll need, give you a calendar so you can stay on track, and we'll start learning all the necessary stitches. Oh, and I'll show you the prizes I've lined up for our winners (we'll end our crochet-along with a linkup so you can show off your work, and you'll vote on your favorite!). Oh dearie me, the prizes . . . you are going to be so excited about them. I'm excited, and I can't even win! So scroll through those patterns again, decide on a favorite, and vote on the survey below:

I'm so excited to get started!


  1. How about crochet for dummies? I tried, once, to crochet with my mother. It ended up in me moving out of her house.

    Yeah, THAT good.

  2. I am excited! I too tried once and gave up. Hoping I can actually make something this time!

  3. How fun!! I've always wanted to host a Crochet-A-Long...but I've been too much of a wimp...maybe when yours is done I'll take the plunge!! Can't wait to join in!!

  4. Hey Rachel! I'd love to crochet along with you!!!! Let me know how I go about joining!


  5. Just's to hoping my crochet-fingers remember how to work...yikes.

  6. about granny squares. The rest look hard. :P

  7. I really want to do this but I am (secretly) scared. I don't even own a single thing to get started crocheting!

  8. I'm so pumped to learn how to crochet! Here's to hoping I actually finish the project :)


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