Maybe Matilda: Two Things . . . win a pattern and check out a guest post!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Two Things . . . win a pattern and check out a guest post!

Very few things in life make me feel as pathetic as not having internet access. Suddenly I have no way to communicate with friends (yes, I'm one of those people who will write on your facebook wall instead of calling you, even though that would be 10 times easier), majorly reduced entertainment (which may have been a benefit in disguise . . . I actually read a book this weekend instead of blogs--imagine that!), and enormous etsy shop stress (I am so, so, so sorry to the handful of people who purchased a pattern right before I lost internet . . . I was just able to send your patterns now, 3 days later). All to say, hurray for the internet and boo for an unwilling internet fast.

Anyway! Two things are happening today:

1) Win a pattern from my shop at Simple Simon & Company!
Do you read Simple Simon? If you don't, hop over and check it out . . . you will love it! They're having a Thank-tober week full of giveaways, and a pattern from my shop is the first item up for grabs, so head over to enter!

2) Michelle from A Little Tipsy invited me over to guest post today . . . so hop over there to see how I made this cute headband from an unexpected cast-off:
Okay, fine, it's made from a big t-shirt sleeve. I guess it's not much of a surprise when I put the words right on the picture (whoops). But I sure do love me a quickie craft! Head over to check it out!


  1. You are so cute Rachel! I will be off to check out all your fun stuff now!

  2. 3 days without the interweb? I don't know what I would do. (I don't have a fancy phone with internet, so I would really go crazy.) Glad you're up and running! Great guest post! That headband is too cute!

  3. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! And your cute!

    (And I don't want to be one of "those" girls...but I really do love your haircut ;)

  4. You are adorable! (And the headband is cute too!)

  5. oh that's so cute! I'm off to check it out! ON another note, I am SO BUMMED I missed the link up for the crochet along! I just HAD to be at Disneyland celebrating 10 years of marriage, yeah yeah great but to forget the crochet along?! Pfft...sad. ;0) But seriously thanks again for motivating this lady to crochet!


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