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Monday, October 10, 2011

Winners galore!

I guess this is it . . . I'm feeling pretty sad to see our little crochet along come to an end. I got quite attached to it along the way. So, thank you all so much for making it such a fun event! I loved checking out your finished projects, hearing about your struggles and successes as you learned to crochet, and especially reading about how much you came to enjoy a new craft! Thank you for participating, and I hope you'll all join in for our next crochet along (date and project unknown . . . but we're definitely doing this again)!

I'm sure you're excited to see the crocheters who received the most votes, aren't you? The first place winner with over 100 votes is the Molten Lava Cowl crocheted by Maureen (and modeled by her adorable daughter):
How cute is that? No wonder she got so many votes!
And second through fourth places went to Miranda, Tristin, and Rachelle:
Hurray for our winners! And a shout-out to some other cowls that really caught my eye:
Top row, L to R: Jill, Allison, Celeste
Middle row, L to R: Regina, Samantha, Adriana
Bottom row, L to R: Lisa, Nicole, Rhonda
It was so fun to see how much variety one simple pattern could take . . . your projects ranged across the spectrum from serene winter whites to bright springy colors; and from a classic, simple look to adding cute accessories like buttons and brooches. I love seeing all the ways everyone adapted the pattern to fit their style and taste.This is part of what's so fun about crochet--even a pattern that may not immediately strike you as the best idea ever can be changed and accessorized to really suit your own personality. You can get endless variety from a simple, humble start!

And while we're talking winners--the winner of the Pumpkin Baby Hat from Knit Cookies is Hifam!
Make sure to check out the rest of the adorable knit goodies in Knit Cookies' etsy shop, check out her blog, and like her facebook page to stay in the loop! I'm thinking anything from Chelsea's shop would make a great Christmas present, don't you think?

And one last thank you to our crochet along sponsors, who were so kind in donating such wonderful prizes that got us all motivated and excited to crochet! Check out their shops for hundreds of great patterns that will have you itching to pick up those hooks again!



  1. Rachel seriously thank you a million times! This was SO fun and I'm on my third one...all of my family and friends love them! You're amazing...and your little guy is quite the cutie. I think Tate and him are about the same age-ish :)

  2. Congrats to the winners!! LOVE all the unique cowls that were made using the same pattern! So cool! Thanks again, Rachel for hosting!! It was so fun!!!

    ~ Sarah

  3. Congrats to the winners. Love the number one place with that adorable photo! And as I was looking through them all, I noticed that I really liked the ones that added buttons so that's something I'm going to try to work into my own crochet work more often now. Lots of fun!

  4. It was a pleasure to be inside this CAL. I'm waiting for the next one :) Thank you Rachel for make it happen!

  5. Congrats to everyone - your cowls look amazing!! And a big thank you to you for introducing all these new people to the world of crochet. What a brilliant thing to do. Have a fab week hon.

  6. Thanks for being our fearless leader! It was a ton of fun. I'm going to start your hat pattern soon. Be prepared for many annoying e-mails. :P

  7. Rachel, thanks for such a great crochet along! It was so much fun and I loved seeing everyone's work. Congrats to all the winners :)

  8. Thank you so much for having the Crochet Along. I'm now seriously addicted to crocheting and keep wanting to do more. I'm almost finished with my second baby bear hat thanks to your pattern!!!

  9. Thank you so much, Rachel for hosted the crochet along... and Congratulations to all the winners!!

  10. Congratulations to the winners!!! You did such a great job! I hope everybody has learned as much out of the project as I did and had as much fun in finishing the project as well.

    Rachel, thanks thanks thanks thanks for diving into this crochet adventure with us. I feel honored that I was in your "caught my eye"-list. Thank you so much. I can't believe how much I've learned. I am crocheting a holiday present at the moment!

    'Till our hooks meet again!

  11. I loved being part of this!
    Thank you so much Rachel for doing this CAL, I've been hooked on crochet ever since. And it was pretty exciting to see myself on your "caught my eye" list :)


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