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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Crochet Sweater Love

Isn’t it appropriate that I only start feeling the urge to crochet a sweater at the tail end of winter, when it’s bright and sunny outside with mild 5o-degree weather? My inner granny is obviously a little bit senile and disorganized. (She’s the one who loves to crochet so much, and felt absurdly excited just now to receive an email from the library saying the book I put on hold this week is ready for me to pick up—I blame my many old lady tendencies [like my legally blind vision, intense dislike for rowdy youths, and early bedtime] on her, the poor thing. Let’s call her Matilda.)

One downfall I’ve found with crochet, despite its many wonderful qualities, is sweater inferiority. Knitting definitely wins on that front—despite my love for crochet, I’ll admit that knit sweaters, in general, tend to have a superior look to crochet sweaters. But I’ve found quite a few gorgeous crochet sweater patterns recently that certainly give knit ones a run for their money. Take a look . . . here are some ladies’ sweaters that I think are lovely:

ladies sweater collage 1: Eva Shrug, $7.99       2: Ladies’ Shrug from Mon Petit Violon, $3.99       3: Aqua Aloha Top, free pattern       4: Diamond Eyelet Wrap from Rachel’s Crochet, $5.95

Aren’t those all just so pretty? I especially love the Eva Shrug (photo #1)—it is downright beautiful and would transition so nicely into spring. And baby crochet sweaters are particularly darling . . . I just love all of these sweater patterns for munchkins:

baby sweater collage 1: Varsity Sweater, free pattern      2: Candy Pink Cardigan, $3.99      3: Shortie Sweater from Holland Designs, $4.99      4: Fisherman Sweater, $4.99

I actually printed out the Varsity Sweater pattern (#1) before Christmas to make for Forrest but ran out of time . . . isn’t it adorable? I’d still like to make him one, although the Fisherman Sweater is so adorably miniature-grandpa-ish, I can hardly resist it. I can 100% envision my grandpa wearing that one, and I’m very tempted to start it for Forrest, too. My child needs multiple handmade winter sweaters to wear into spring, right? And the little girls’ sweaters . . . I’m literally squeeing over them. They are just so sweet . . . it’s official, I’m going to need a daughter next time around.

Have you ever crocheted a sweater? Any favorite patterns you’d recommend? Am I too late in the season to make one (or 5) for Forrest?


  1. I've never crocheted a sweater before...I'm so afraid of putting in all that time, only to look like a frumpy old lady who wears "mom jeans" and lumpy sweaters and lots of cat hair. In fact, I'm tempted to learn to knit just to make some sweaters. I do like the links you posted though... Especially the Varsity Sweater.

    This is the time of year that my crocheting really picks up... what is up with that?? And the only time I have to devote to crocheting is in the summer... and crocheting in a sticky Tennessee heat wave sounds disgusting. Although, if I started now, I might finish by the first snowfall next winter. Hmmmmm...

  2. I have never even considered crocheting a sweater! But that varsity one is now in my Ravelry Queue...and too late in the year to wear sweaters?? Not in UTAH!!!

  3. I know exactly what you mean! I've been wanting to learn to knit for ages just because of sweaters! But I'm now obsessed with that aloha one - that is gorgeous. Not sure I could actually pull it off since it looks like it works so well on her waif-ish figure, but I might just have to try!

  4. Those sweaters are fantastic! I love all of them! I also love dressing my son up like a little grandpa...sweater vests for the win!

  5. I love photo 2 of the women's sweaters just gorgeous. I started the varsity sweater but haven't finished it :( maybe for next year. And I LOVE the fisherman sweater I have to add it to my to do list.

  6. oh hush you, you and your weather. It's been just shy of a blizzard here for the last week. It adds to the excitement of driving; you can tell you grew up here when if a turn starts to turn into a slide towards the ditch you say "wheeee!" right up until the point where you suspect you may actually hit that ditch. (I didn't hit the ditch. And I don't actually enjoy the sliding but it's more child-friendly than SHIIIIIIIIIII..... and slightly less terrifying than say, if I'm driving with my brother and cheerfully sing out things like "Oh please, let me not die todaaaay..." which is apparently a bit unnerving for the driver to say.)
    I love that Eva shrug. Pinned it, if I ever finish the two sweaters I'm knitting (whaaat?!) for my little girls (on 4.5mm aka size 7 knitting needles, because I hate myself and love tiny stitches simultaneously) I'll have to knit it for me. I love items like that, all pregnancy-proof and stuff.

  7. Cute sweaters! You should totally crochet the shrug. And please make that grandpa-esque sweater for Forrest. It won't be long before he's going to want to pick out his own clothes. Dress him like a miniature grandpa while you still can!

  8. I feel the same way. Garments are the reason I wish I knew how to knit - crochet tends to be a lot bulkier.

    I love Mon Petit Violon's patterns. The only sweater I've made is her Sorrento Hooded Cardigan ( )
    (this is my version: )
    It took me a week and a half/2 weeks to make for my newborn son. (while caring for the baby and two siblings under the age of four. So I didn't get a ton of crocheting time, and it still didn't take long!) :) It was very simple and I was thrilled with how easy it was to assemble. That said, I don't think it would be unreasonable for you to make a sweater for your little guy. There are probably plenty of cool days left and he may even be able to wear it in the autumn if you make it a bit roomy. I would be more choosy about the pattern though; the varsity sweater looks less bulky and wintry than the fisherman's sweater, to me.

    I also have the shortie sweater pattern and can't wait to make it. I'm hoping to make one for my little girl, then maybe one for me too if the smaller one goes well. :D

    1. Rebecca, I love that sweater! Your version is so adorable! I'm adding that one to my to-do list--thanks for the recommendation :-)

  9. Spring in Utah is perfect sweater weather!! I actually just started working on a funky sweater/vest/shrug this weekend...maybe my inner granny is getting senile, too! lol

  10. Hey Rachel, I recently made the wee jacket from lion brand, free pattern, I love it and it was really fast and easy so you could certainly finish it in time to wear this season. I blogged about it and my desire to now make myself something here,

    Have a great day!

  11. I'm in love with the aloha sweater and the diamond eyelet wrap ... I need more hours in the day so I can devote more of my lofe to crocheting! They are stunning! Definitely on my list of things to do!

    Thanks for the inspiration!


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