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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Little Things

Some little things that made me happy this week:

1. Watching Forrest draw. This boy is an artistic whirlwind—he loves drawing and spends a good portion of each day wandering around the house, carrying a mini notepad and scribbling on the go. We all have our own creative process . . . his is a very athletic one, requiring the careful combination of his talents for sketching and contortionism:

color1color2All photos taken within a span of maybe a minute . . . and he never stopped drawing. Except during the all-important art-through-osmosis stage, in the center shot above. It’s a unique artistic method, but you can’t argue with results like this!


2. Baking up some tasty chocolate chip cookies with the help of one of my favorite Christmas presents.

DSC_0316-1 The last 3 times I’ve made an emergency run to the grocery store to buy just the ingredients for a last-minute dessert, I’ve ended up in the same checkout girl’s line. I’ve never seen her on any of my normal grocery shopping trips; just the times when I’m buying a tub of whipped cream and 6 Snickers and a jar of hot fudge with a manic, sugar-deprived look in my eyes. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before she reports me to Child Protective Services on the assumption that all I feed my baby is king-size candy bars. On my visit the other day to get butter and chocolate chips for these cookies, I also had to buy Forrest a cookie from the bakery to keep him happy during the trip . . . there’s a certain irony in having to buy a cookie for a grumpy baby during a grocery run to buy cookie ingredients.

3. This little reader.

read His excitement for drawing is possibly outweighed only by his excitement over books. And not so much the baby books with mirrors and flaps and furry animals to pet . . . he spent an entire afternoon reading A Beautiful Mind.

4. Noticing that he’s wearing the same outfit in quite a few pictures from this week. Pictures that were taken on different days. Whoops!

5. Receiving this illustrated diagram of my sister’s many suitors.

DSC_0319-2 (Names censored in case any of them . . . read my craft blog . . . I’m realizing now how ridiculous that sounds.)

I complained that I couldn’t keep track of the hordes of men who are constantly taking her to dinner and inviting her hot-tubbing and sending frantic “are you ignoring me?!?!” texts when they inevitably get lost in the masses. This chart—complete with each beau’s vital stats, attractiveness rating on a 1-10 scale, personality characteristics, and an “honorable mentions” section--will be extremely helpful, I’m sure.

6. The aforementioned sister keeping me company while Jeff spent the weekend in California on a business trip. And still wanting to maintain contact with me after taking a series of pictures like this, and seeing them posted on the internet:

beeks Left to right: Victoria’s Secret supermodel faces (she wins), Forrest’s picture faces (both extremely accurate), and how most of the day really went down . . . me: stressed; Forrest: crying; Bekah: unperturbed.

7. The complete lack of pride and/or dignity that makes the posting of such pictures possible. You’re welcome.


  1. Hilarious. I want to see what Forrest does with finger paints. You should definitely try that this week.

    Looks like "Ben from Parks & Rec." guy and "top pick personality" guy are out of the running, huh?
    Is bachelor #6 on roids?

    P.S. I dig your Christmas present.

  2. The chart is brilliant. Sort of makes me wish I weren't engaged so I could bust out a chart of my own! Hysterical.

  3. Great little things! Love all the pictures of your artist!

  4. You are a brave mom to let Forrest draw with pen/marker! Markers have been banned from our house...since Rainman and I use pens, we can't ban those...but, oh, my walls have suffered! And, his art by osmosis pose...that position has been all of my 6 children's first "trick" that they perform for visitors!

    Love the chart! I want to know who "x'd" out those guys? You need to definitely keep this hidden away in case she ends up marrying one of them....might be fun to take a look at some of her first thoughts about him at a bridal shower or something....:)

  5. Adorable pictures! And I love the bright kitchenaid! If you want to make a last minute dessert, one my my favorite EASY recipes is a can of cherry pie filling mixed with an angel food cake box mix. Just those two things baked in a 13x9 casserole dish unitl done. The best. If you don't like cherry you can use a can of crushed pineapple instead :)

  6. That green mixer is so cheerful. Maybe I would bake more if I had one. ;) (mine is white, and quite perfect, I should mention.)

    And you and your sister and just so darn pretty. Seriously. Lovely gals!

  7. I'm drooling over your green mixer.

    Your child is a prodigy. I mean look at those scribble skills...and a Beautiful Mind is always a great read. (Actually the movie is way better and I never say that about movies based on books.)

    I am beyond loving your sister's list. Super helpful.

  8. ok LOVE your sisters chart! I was turning sideways to read it :) Why is she seeing a 5.5? And why is he only a 5.5 if he's fun and nice? Told you I was totally engrossed in it :)

  9. LOVE the drawing pictures. SO adorable! All around an hilarious post.

  10. Maybe your sister could do an e-course on how to prepare a chart like this...or at the very least, a printable chart. As the mother of a 17 yr old girl (who, by the way, has not dated...yet), I'm thinking this chart would come in handy for daughter (and mother/father).


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