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Monday, May 7, 2012

Family Pictures

It’s been exactly one year since our last set of family pictures were taken, so I suppose it’s high time we get some more! One of my very favorite people when we lived in Iowa (or, to be honest, one of my favorite people ever) was my friend Erica—her husband was in chiropractic school with Jeff, and she took family pictures for us a few times when we lived there. And I’m in luck, because she and her family just moved out here to Utah, to fill all my friendship/photography needs. Those needs overlap, I suppose.

Here is one of my favorite shots from our family pictures with Erica almost exactly one year ago, right before we left the Midwest:

IMG_8298-1 And for comparison/marking-the-passage-of-the-cruel-hands-of-time purposes, here is one of my favorite shots from our most recent pictures, taken about 2 weeks ago (holy moly, Jeff and Forrest look exactly the same. Did I contribute a single gene to the making of this child?):

361 Look how much bigger that goobnugget is now! And strained smile much, Jeffry? It will probably be obvious as you look at these pictures that soooomeoooone is not a big fan of picture day. Take note: the dearly beloved blankie made its way into our family photos. I think it’s trying to take my spot in the family. [Barely related tangent: that blankie doesn’t get washed often, since Forrest generally melts down into a screaming pile of wretched baby tantrum every time I try to put it in the laundry. But it has gotten so disgusting lately—he blows his nose on it; I think I could have cracked that blanket in half, it was that crusty—that I had to stick it in the washer this weekend, despite his loud loud very loud protests. He tried valiantly to snatch it back out, and spent the whole wash/dry time crying in front of the washing machine. The tender reunion when it emerged from the dryer was truly heartwarming. We should have recorded it—he’d be a youtube sensation!]

008 I love these separate mommy-daddy shots with Forrest . . . I think they’re going to make their way into his bedroom soon. This one of Jeff and Forrest is so sweet:

319 And while I’m at it, why don’t I just toss in dozens of photos that you’ll probably scroll past at top speed? Because, let’s be honest, unless you’re looking at pictures of your own family, you don’t really care, right? Humor me. Thanks.

141 094190 I truly cannot figure out how we ended up with so many photos of Forrest smiling. Because here’s how I remember it: we drove an hour to get to Erica’s house (while Forrest cried). We had dinner with Erica and family (while Forrest whined). The kids played (and Forrest whined). We headed outside for pictures (and Forrest cried). We began taking pictures (naturally, Forrest whined). A brief, 5-minute long stint of happiness when a neighbor’s dog tried to invade our family pictures (Forrest tried to climb on its back for a ride, simultaneously thrilled and terrified—equal mix of high-pitched laughter/squealing and whining). Pictures continued (endless whining, from both Forrest and Jeffry). I don’t know how she did it, but she successfully made it look like I have a constantly blissfully happy child. Such beautiful lies!


260 I would like to add that I love how Forrest’s belly is poking out of his shirt in half the pictures. I think his little tummy is so cute, but I suppose this really means he needs some new, bigger shirts. Or that we should all go with the exposed round-squishy-tummy look for next year’s photos.

736 Oh, the deception that is professional photos. Maybe you look at this picture and think, “My, what a lovely, happy, romantic couple! They look so content and in love!”

Lies, lies, lies. How it really went down . . .

Erica: (posing us) “Jeff, just pretend you’re whispering sweet nothings in her ear.”

Jeff: “What? Sweet nothings? What do I say? What does that mean? What am I whispering? What’s happening?”

Erica: “Just pretend you’re having a romantic moment.”

Jeff: “We don’t have those. I don’t know what they look like. Let’s do something else. Let’s swing Forrest around again.”

Erica: “Okay, then just pretend you’re smelling her hair.”

Jeff: “Why would I smell her hair? I wouldn’t smell her hair.”


Jeff: (whispering, pictured above) “Are we done yet? I hate this. Let’s go home.”

Which is why you should never trust anything you see on the internet, or framed in someone’s house.

406 (And, since I had a handful of questions when I put these on my facebook page, my shirt is from Vanity (the belt came with it—it’s on clearance here), and my jeans are the ones I turned from bootcut into skinnies (posted here). I have no idea where any of Jeff’s clothes came from (besides the obvious answer of ‘closet floor.’ ) Forrest’s getup is from TJ Maxx.)

[If you’re in or near Tooele, Utah and want some smashing photos taken, definitely visit Erica. We’re big fans. I’m not getting paid to write this or anything—she’s just really my friend and really does a great job. She took my maternity pictures and both sets of our family pictures, and some of my biggest regrets in life are not having her take our wedding photos (too bad I met her 3 years too late for that occasion) and Forrest’s newborn pictures. I kept thinking I’d do those myself, and 20 months later, I think I may have missed my window of opportunity. Too late to do the nakey-and-sleeping-curled-up-in-a-basket-wearing-an-owl-hat shot. Shucks. Visit her facebook page here.]


  1. These turned out SO GOOD! Like, wow! Are these stock shots of the most beautiful family of all time.

    I also love your reenactment of how your husband reacted to photos. Because this is what I think when I see these beautiful photos - "Ryan would hate this! How do they look so happy? They must be aliens."

    Also, your hair? Rockin'. Hard-core awesome.

  2. Okay, these are ridiculously adorable. Seriously. So cute. I, too, love the separate mommy/daddy + Forrest shots, as well as the ones of him by himself. And the one of just you and Jeff. In large part because of the explanation. :)

    Also, many thanks for inspiring me for our shots on Friday. :)

  3. Wow so pretty! the landscape is gorgeous, and it doesn't hurt that you all look like you came out of a magazine either

  4. I think these pictures are fantastic! Thank you for sharing!



  6. They look amazing! If you told me that it was magical session filled with happiness and rainbows I'd never know the difference!

    Your session sounds just like what I encounter with Brad. I thought he was going to kill me when I told him that we needed to do another engagement photo shoot after I fired our first wedding photographer because our first engagement pics were complete crap.

  7. Cute. He's a goobery one, that goob.

  8. You know, at first I was kind of mad at you for looking so freaking gorgeous, but then when I got to that last part, I was literally laughing out loud. Cause that's exactly what would have happened with us.

  9. They all look awesome! I was totally scrolling along wondering what you bribed Forrest with to get such big smiles. Now I know I just need a magic photographer. (do we have those on the east coast?)
    Oh, and your little convo with Jeff sounds exactly like something my husband would say. During our wedding pictures it was a constant chorus of "That's the last one right? Are we done NOW? Is it over yet?" How romantic can you get? lol

  10. I love all of the pictures. Especially the romantic one of you ran your husband. I know, but it still looks so sweet. I am the one in our family who hates to have their picture taken. I am not real photogenic at all. But I do it for hubby.

    BTW, I have a DIL that does photos, too and she is just as awesome as your friend.

  11. BWHAHAHAHHAAA @ Jeff! That sounds EXACTLY like what my husband would say. Men!!! After all of that, I have to say that they turned out ADORABLE! You should be proud, lady. :)

  12. pictures all look great! thanks for sharing the funny stories of picture day - sounds exactly like my husband during holiday photos, engagement and wedding day photos...I can only assume that one day my own child will inherent those genes!

  13. gosh you always make me laugh! we have never had family photos taken...such a shame! yours are just beautiful! maybe this year we will. then again i have been saying that for years now.

  14. These are beautiful! You look stunning!

  15. I absolutely love how real you are. I think some of my favorite family photos of all time have the kids crying in them. Everyone else is cracking up. It captures what my family is actually like. Glad you got such great photos.

  16. Love the photos! You made me laugh because that is how all my shoots go down. You look great!

  17. I love getting family pictures done yearly! My little family is growing so I like to see how we grew each year! It's fun to see the different things I've done with my hair too lol Love yalls pictures!!!

  18. BWAhahahaha! My husband is the exact same way about pictures. I died laughing reading about the "romantic shot". Died. Laughing. By the way, you are one gorgeous chick!!

  19. Beautiful photos...whether they are lies or not!! Hilarious write up too.

  20. Just found your blog! I'm planning to make the Sidewalk Shawl and was searching Google Images for pictures of it that other people have made, just to see more images/versions of it. I found the picture of you with your shawl, and am even more determined to make it! It looks fantastic! I just had to comment on this post, as you really made me laugh with the dialogue from the romantic shot! It also made me relieved - as those kind of shots tend to make me think "why isn't my life like that?!" - knowing the reality is much better, more realistic... and funnier!! :o)
    Maria x


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