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Friday, September 7, 2012

Shop Sale and Various Items of Newsage

(You know, newsage? Not new-sage, but news-age, as in, “I wanted to share a few various items of newsage”? I know, just click away, I never have any idea what I’m talking about. <—see? Told you.)

Item Numero Uno:

I decided to have a fall kickoff sale in my shop! Fall is my absolute favorite time of year, and it just so happens to be the perfect time for you to start thinking about what winter hat you (or your little munchkin) will be wearing in the chilly weather. And I just so happen to make many awfully cute ones.
(Clockwise from the big one: Baby Bear Hat, Slouch Hat, Flower Beanie, Owl Hat, Headwrap, Cluster Cowl)

Pop into my shop, take a gander, decide what you could use this fall/winter, and use coupon code FALLKICKOFF at checkout for 25% off. That coupon code is good for THIS WEEKEND ONLY, so don’t drag your feet if you’ve got your eye on something!

(That coupon code can be used on any purchase from my shop, so feel free to use it on a pattern purchase if you’d like to crochet something yourself. And, as always, I love doing custom work, so shoot me an email [maybematildaquilts at] if you have a style in mind that I’m not currently offering and I’ll let you know if it’s a possibility for me to recreate. And don’t feel limited to the colors in pictures—I’ve got a big old yarn stash of colors to choose from, and I’m always happy to go shopping to find the color you’d like if I don’t already have it!)

Item Numero Dos:

My friend Chelsea over at Two Twenty-One has started a new business venture—photo editing for the shots you love that require a little help to make them shine. Just look at what she did with this formerly lackluster photo of me and my sister from last fall’s visit to the pumpkin patch:

Nicely done, Chelsea! Click on over here if you’re interested in seeing what she can do to help your photos out, too.

Item Numero Tres:

Did you know I’m famous? (That’s okay, neither did I.) My husband informed me this morning that my pixie growout post is the top google hit (is that the right terminology?) for the search words “grow out pixie cut.” I guess this explains why I’m still getting comments on that post, 6 months after writing it. 

Well, this google news (plus the reminder of my Beiber hair offered by the photo above) makes me think that the pixie growout post desperately needs an update—the first post covered pictures, growth, and general Beiberocity for the first 6 months of grow-out, and I’ve now passed a year of pixie growth, so you can expect an update to that post soon. I apologize sincerely if you have been anxiously sitting at your computer for these past 6 months, refreshing my blog every minute whilst sweating and biting your nails as you eagerly awaited an update. To appease you until I can take proper hair pictures, enjoy this shot taken yesterday with a severely webcam-obsessed Forrest that includes my head and, unavoidably, hair and hence is semi-related to this item of newsage without actually being informative or helpful at all. (Translation: I feel the need to redeem my naughty child’s reputation after my last post and this picture ought to do the trick.)
(See, I told you he was cute at home. Now if he could just keep this up when we leave the house, we’d be all set.)


  1. I stumbled upon your blog BECAUSE of that pixie post! I am growing my pixie out...again...for about the millionth time. I grow it out (all the way out to shoulder length+) and cut it back off again and again and again. Even after all the grow outs I have done I still got some good ideas from your blog! Also love your Etsy store! Will hopefully be putting in an order soon for some needed items to tame the "grow out" beast.

  2. I found your blog when googling "growing out pixie cut".. your blog post gave me so much inspiration (lol corny huh?). But really, it's nice to see the transitions done gracefully.. I just trimmed my mullet today.. I should have a lightly layered Bob by Christmas *excited*

  3. I found your blog through Pinterest!! I was looking for haircuts to grow out my pixie cut and there you were! Now, I'm a huge fan :) and my hair is currently in the Bieber Phase, but you have given me hope! I love your hats too- I will definitely be ordering one this weekend!

  4. I love the pixie grow out post, it's helped me so much in my growing out journey. I'm almost to an A-line bob!

  5. I have given you "The Sunshine Award"- -because your blog adds sunshine to my day! Head on over to my blog and check it out! Penny :)

  6. LOVED your pixie cut grow-out documentation. Used to have a pixie cut, it sure wasn't as cute as yours, and growing it out, I never looked as good as you. Seeing your cute pictures makes me want to do it again. You're one of those people that look amazing with any hair cut, and inspire others to want that cut! Lucky!

    What product did you use with your pixie cut? What type of hair do you have... thick, thin, wavy, straight, etc. Dreaming of having even half as cute hair.

    Thanks again for the post! Brilliant.

  7. Seriously? You're that beautiful just hanging at home with Forrest? I'm doubling over in envy. When I'm at home, I am nowhere no-how presentable to the public.

    Speaking of pixie cuts, mine is awfully short right now, but since it's the only short hair cut that Drew has EVER suggested, I figured I'd stick with it for a while!

  8. I found your blog today by googling "growing out a pixie cut". I just decided yesterday to grow mine out after enjoying it for the past 2 years. I also just placed an order in your shop for a headwrap to ease the transition months.

    So far I just love blog, writing style, etsy shop, and honesty. The post about the Walmart meltdown had me hooked. Good for you for being so upfront about some of the less joyful moments of parenting.

  9. Another victim of the google pixie search here ;-). I still have a long way to go since my pixie was very cut very short just in April, and I just came back to add one of your pics to my pinterest hair pics and found this post. Great job on the kitchen too!


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