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Friday, October 12, 2012


One of life’s great questions: What should I blog about?

Answer: Hows about reposting pictures from one social media outlet to another?

I could make some excuse about being busy and all, but the truth is, I just haven’t had much to show off or say on the ol’ blog here. So enjoy (or not) some recent Instagram goodies (you can find me @maybematilda).


The internet addiction starts young. And this tiny web addict is not always pleased with his findings.


I’ve been crocheting a lot lately . . . I know you’re shocked, stay with me. See, it’s this hobby I have, I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned it? Anyway, I came up with a new cowl design for fall (pattern available here, two ready to ship here and here, and custom versions here!), and of course, my headwraps are always fun to whip up. I’m really enjoying all the lush autumn colors my customers have been choosing lately for their items!


I contemplated more of mortality’s biggest questions, such as Should I Buy These Fake Glasses? (I didn’t) and Should I Buy These Awesome Shoes? (I did!)


I added a spunky turquoise mirror to my kitchen (an old, gold hand-me-down that got a spray paint and stain makeover); needless to say, this little one didn’t offer his assistance. I am still overwhelmed by my love for that chandelier from Barn Light Electric. I want to smooch it.


And finally, a new winter hat for Forrest (this one) received a mixed review. Fortunately, it also fits me, because his mega-sized 2-year old head is in like the 200th percentile. But since he seems to have decided after a few days of intense deliberation that he likes it after all, I guess I’ll have to make myself a matching one. Matching mother-son bear hats are socially acceptable, right? Because I smell an adult bear hat option/pattern coming to an Etsy shop near you after having unexpectedly fallen in love with wearing this. I’m probably way too old and boring for this but the heart wants what the heart wants, and this heart wants its own bear hat.


  1. So I saw someone feature your headwrap recently and was like, hey! I recognize that! Seriously, they are so super cute. As is your son. And that hat. Adorable. On both of you.

  2. you can DEFINITELY get away with wearing a bear hat. Love it. x

  3. Yay for buying the shoes! For some reason I thought you didn't buy them. LOVE the new mirror! And is that your child passed out on the hardwood floors in that photo?

  4. Is it wrong to say I think you pull off that hat better than Forrest?! Great blog beeteedubs!

  5. Is it wrong to say I think you pull off that hat better than Forrest?! Great blog beeteedubs!

  6. :) Yes, the heart wants what the heart wants!

  7. Good shoe purchase. I hope I helped to enable you.

    You should totally make adult bear hats. I'm also too old and boring for them but I'm sure there are hip old people out there somewhere.

  8. I like all your posts, non-show-offy and show-offy alike.

    To repsond to your comment on my blog, I work as an editor at Western Govenors University (my job of the past 3 years. yuck.). I'm gonna go ahead and leave all the typos in this post because of the irony.

  9. Cute shoes. And kid. And hat bathe fact that you can wear the same hat as you toddler amazes me. I think my head is also in the 300th percentile.

  10. Love it! The hat is adorable too! :)

  11. I love the hat! I think it's adorable! Oh wait... everyone else wrote the same comment... oh well!


  12. Ah, this post made me laugh and laugh and laugh. I'm not quite sure why, exactly, but it did. Especially the last paragraph.

  13. I'm so glad you went back and got the shoes!!! Yay! There were soo cute. Thanks for such a fun post! ☺

  14. I love the mirror. I am proud of you for not buying the glasses :) And for some reason I always take blog posts about Instagram personally. Surely they are writing this post because they want me to follow them? I hope they are not offended that I don't follow them....wait a minute, you retard....

    Haha But I feel the need to tell you that I don't have a smart phone or Instagram (I'm pretty sure those 2 go hand in hand? Hi, I'm part Amish) but if I did, I would follow you. :)

  15. Hi! I found your blog yesterday while looking for cute ways to grow out my pixie cut and I am loving what you write! You're hilarious :) I haven't had much to blog about on my site lately either, so I would invite you over to or but you may get bored :) haha! Love your Etsy shop too! I may be purchasing a headwrap soon to help the grow-out process of said pixie!

  16. So is the questions. What to blog about. Love the cowl! Your hair is looking fabulous these days too. Glad you passed the glasses but got the shoes. Love them!

  17. Good choice with the shoes and the glasses...I don't get fake glasses...but I think that is because if I don't wear glasses or contacts I can't see ANYTHING and have always wished I had good vision...anyways...haven't seen you around the post office lately...


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