Maybe Matilda: Crochet Valentine Hearts Photo Tutorial

Monday, January 21, 2013

Crochet Valentine Hearts Photo Tutorial

I am a woman of my word. I promised a step-by-step photo tutorial for these little heart cuties, and I am here. to. DELIVER!

Crochet Valentine Hearts with step by step photos and instructions

(Hey look, I did that blogger thing where I made a nice pinnable image for you!)

These itty bitties are so leetle and so sweet and so quick and simple. Now, first things first: this is not my own pattern. I found the pattern HERE at Heloise V. This tutorial is to help you out in making the smallest heart pattern on her site. She also has instructions for medium and large adaptations, as well as a pattern for adorable little applique flowers, so hop over and check out her fun site! The size variations in my photos are due to different hook sizes, but all 3 were made using the same, smallest heart pattern.

Second things second: although this isn’t a difficult crochet pattern, you’ll of course have an easier time if you are already familiar with crochet basics. Visit my Crochet tab at the top of the page to find some basic crochet tutorials and step-by-steps to help you learn. If you get stuck at any point, just look up the stitch you’re stuck on in google, and you’ll find a zillion and one videos to help you out.

Crochet Valentine Hearts Tutorial

Aren’t they darling? I’m smitten.

You can use any old scrap yarn you have lying around, and any size hook that is appropriate for your yarn (if you’re using worsted weight yarn, anywhere from an F through a K should work nicely). I used a G hook for the tiniest pink heart in my photos (it’s about an inch and a half across), an I hook for the medium size bright pink one, and a K hook for the largest maroon heart. They were all made with the same pattern, all are made of worsted weight yarn, and the only thing that I changed from one heart to the next was the hook size, so play around and experiment with different hook sizes to find a size you love!

You’ll need to start with a magic circle. To be honest, I find this tough to capture in pictures and to explain, so please refer to this tutorial and this video if you need help.

Make your magic circle and chain 3.

Hearts tutorial by Maybe Matilda

Now you’re going to work 3 treble (or triple) crochets into the circle. Yarn over your hook twice:

Crochet heart step-by-step

Then insert your hook into the circle and pull up a loop, then yarn over again:

Photo Tutorial for Crochet Hearts

You’ll now have 4 loops (plus the yarn over) on your hook (as pictured above). Pull the yarn over through just the first two loops on your hook, then yarn over again:

Photo Tutorial for Crochet Hearts from Maybe Matilda

You’ll now have 3 loops on your hook, plus the yarn over. Pull the yarn over through just the first two loops again, exactly as you did in the previous step. Yarn over again:

How to crochet a heart

You’ll now have two loops left on your hook, plus the yarn over. Can you guess what’s coming next? I bet so. Pull the yarn over through the two remaining loops on your hook.

How to crochet hearts

There’s your first treble crochet! Now just repeat those steps for two more treble crochets:

How to crochet Valentine's Hearts

By now, you should have your chain 3 on the right, then your three treble crochets, as pictured above.

Next up, we need to work 3 double crochets. Yarn over your hook just once:

Crochet Hearts step by step

Insert your hook into the circle, pull up a loop, and yarn over again:

Crochet a heart photo tutorial

Pull the yarn over through the first two loops on the hook, and yarn over again:

Crochet instructions to make a heart

Then pull the yarn over through the two remaining loops on your hook:

Step by step photos to crochet heart

There’s your double crochet! Now work two more double crochets.

Crochet Heart Pattern and Tutorial

From right to left in the picture above, you should have your chain 3, 3 treble crochets, and 3 double crochets. (My chain 3 is kind of hiding my first treble crochet in that picture. Don’t worry about it, it’s in there, I promise.)

Now chain 1 by yarning over the hook and pulling it straight through the loop on your hook.

Step by Step Heart Tutorial

Work one treble crochet into the circle. Refer to the pictures up top if you don’t remember how. This treble will be the ‘tip’ of your heart.

Step by Step Heart Tutorial

Chain 1 again.

Step by Step Heart Tutorial

Now you’re basically going to repeat the first half of the pattern, backwards, to form the second half of the heart. First up is 3 double crochets. Refer to the double crochet pictures above if you need help.

Step by Step Heart Tutorial

Then you’ve got 3 more treble crochets. You’re probably a pro at these by now.

How to make crocheted hearts

Now just chain 2:

How to make crocheted Valentine hearts

Then slip stitch into the circle to finish it up. Just insert your hook into the circle, pull up a loop, and pull the loop straight through the loop already on your hook.

Make a Crochet Valentine Heart

And you’ve got your little heart! Mostly!

Step by step photo instructions to crochet hearts

See the loose ‘tail’ yarn at the top? Pulling that will tighten your heart and cinch it closed (the magical part of the magic circle—it disappears like magic!). Give it a good firm pull until your heart is completely closed in the center.

How to make cute little crochet Valentine Hearts

Ah, that’s more like it. Fasten off your yarn by pulling a loop through the loop on your hook (just like working a chain), snipping your yarn a few inches away from the hook, and pulling the loop completely through. Tighten it up and weave in the ends, and you’re done!

In case you want to see all the stitches labeled on the heart, enjoy this pictographic brilliance:

Step by Step Crochet Hearts from Maybe Matilda

So, to sum up, the hearts are simply made by . . .

Magic circle, ch 3, 3 trc, 3 dc, ch 1, 1 trc, ch 1, 3 dc, 3 trc, ch2, sl st.

(trc = treble crochet; dc = double crochet; ch = chain; sl st = slip stitch)

Ta da!

Crochet Hearts Photo Tutorial

Fun, huh? Once you’re comfortable with the stitches, you’ll be able to whip these up in no time at all.

I used these hearts as little ornaments for a Valentine’s ‘tree’ in this post, and I have another fun project incorporating them that I’ll share in a bit.

Hope you enjoy! If you have any questions, leave them in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer them for you.


  1. Awesome! I had just pinned these little hearts in Pinterest to look at later. This seems very doable! Not sure what I will use them for, but, oh well....they are cute!

  2. They're so cute, and you could totally magnet those onto your lampshade! I made a garland out of them a few years ago, but mine all ended up with a hole in the middle. Still cute, but I guess I didn't pull them tight enough.

  3. I just learned how to do this the other day -- it's so much fun! And they're sooo cute. I think I may have to make a few more of them to practice. :)

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Cute, gotta try! I have some leftover pink yarn from my ripple afghan, and I was looking for a cute project. And if this isn't cute, what is? Okay, maybe a little puppy.... but this comes a close second ;-)

  5. Such a great tutorial!!! Thank you so much for sharing!! Your hearts are all so cute! I love my first one, can't wait to make more!! xx Holly

  6. Great tutorial! I really need to get a better handle on this crochet business so I can make cute hearts like these.

  7. My house is going to be covered in crochet hearts. Well, if I start. If I do....look out.

    Your tutorial looks great and makes it look easy enough. I'll e-mail freaking out on you if not. ;)

  8. LOVE! Now I just need to learn how to crochet. :)

  9. So cute! I just posted a crochet hearts pattern, too--we all have the season of love on the brain! ;)

    I'm envious of your ability to make a photo tutorial. I have a great camera and decent tripod, yet I am utterly AWFUL at getting step-by-step pictures. Yours photos are so NIV and pretty! :)

  10. You are my hero! Adorable Rachel.

  11. Thank you, thank you (and the pictures are very helpful, as I am a visual person). And yes..I did pin this. It was required :) Its on my list to work on this weekend. Fantastic!

  12. Thanks for the tutorial. I have been wanting to learn the magic ring and I think I've finally got it. I just made two hearts fairly quick. : )

  13. Best heart pattern I've seen. LOVE LOVE LOVE it! It is so clean and neat, and easy to do. THANKS for sharing this!

  14. wow, finally! An easy to make crochet heart that actually looks like a heart!!!!! thank you soooo much! I can wait to make a dozen for my kids this valentine's day! x


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