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Monday, March 25, 2013

More Last Minute Easter Crochet

So, at about this time in 2011, I wrote a post sharing some cute crochet patterns that would make awesome last minute Easter gifts. And for some reason, it got and continues to get a good amount of attention (weird—I’m always kind of surprised when any of the garbage I write here gets attention), so I figured I’d do another one this year with newer pattern ideas!

Now, first things first: I get at least one email a week asking for the pattern to the chick in a bunny suit I made and linked to in the previous Easter post:

The good news: it’s a super cute, super fast little project that will work up in no time, perfect for tucking into an Easter basket.

The bad news: it used to be free, and now it’s not. But it’s only $3, and you can find it right HERE in the Dawnie Dolls etsy shop. (The photo above is my version of the project, which I took some liberties with, so make sure to check out the listing pictures to see how making one exactly as written will turn out!)

Now that’s out of the way, here are my top 5 picks for quick, adorable Easter crochet patterns (all free!) that would be perfect to start and finish in one or two days and add to an Easter basket! (Note: while a few of these are on my to-do list, I haven’t made any of them yet, so I can’t comment on the patterns themselves or finished projects made using them!)

Easter Peeps crochet pattern

If there is a Peeps fan in your house, this Easter Peeps pattern would be so cute and funny to make for them! I have no fondness for Peeps, so the crocheted version looks much better to me than the real deal.

Easter Egg crochet pattern

I love the idea of making a dozen colorful little Easter eggs to use for decorating or filling baskets. Sure beats dyeing eggs every year—not my favorite holiday activity. Get the free Easter egg crochet pattern HERE!

Free Cute Easter Bunny crochet pattern

I love the unique look of these little Easter bunnies! So colorful and cheerful, and the lack of appendages would make them SO quick to work up. Get the pattern HERE.

Easter chick crochet pattern

Doesn’t this little Easter chick look so sweet? It’s hard to tell how big he turns out, but I’m guessing he’s little enough to tuck into an Easter egg. Awwww! Get the pattern HERE.

And last but not least:

I love the Boxy Skirt Bunny! They look cute in every color combo, and look like they’d be a lot of fun to customize and play around with. Get the pattern (a Ravelry download) right HERE.

Have you crocheted anything for Easter this year?


  1. Gah! So much Easter crochet cuteness! I love it!

  2. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who doesn't like dying Easter eggs! I much prefer the crocheted ones.

  3. Ahhhh, everything is so friggin' adorable!!!

  4. Great round-up! I have been thinking I want to crochet something as a table centerpiece this year for Easter dinner... time to get started! ~Stephanie

  5. These are so cute. I need a baby so I have an excuse to talk you into making all of these for me. ;)

  6. I wish I had time to make all these! I really like the peeps and the boxy skirt bunny

  7. Woo hoo!! It's a good thing my spring break starts tomorrow afternoon! Now I know I'll have plenty to fill my "down time" before I head to LA!

    Thanks for the inspiration!

    Jordan @

    P.S. I just started in on the granny square quilt that you did on here and I am super excited to see it come out! It's my first big project and I'm working on it every spare second. Thanks!

  8. A chick in a bunny suit?? I die. Great round-up!

  9. I love these! Wish I could crochet.

  10. Cute! I have yet to venture into this category of crocheting. And by "this category" I mean aguminguruguebs. I am slightly afraid of it. Probably cuz I still haven't figured out how to pronounce or spell it.

  11. Ummm....when you call your posts garbage, you totally insult your readers. Are you trying to be self effacing or demeaning?

  12. These look like soooo much fun - I have been looking for a way to try these and see if I can do it. I'll add to my list of crocheting projects. If I can do it, my boys will find one of these projects in their baskets next year :) Thank you Rachel!

  13. I'll take one of everything! Seriously though, so cute!

  14. I finished a Boxy Skirt Bunny tonight for our Granddaughters Easter basket. It is adorable!!! I have to say the pattern instructions leave a bit to be desired but I was able to get through it. I'm probably an advanced beginner in crocheting and I think a real rookie would have difficulty making this as written. Thanks for the links Rachel and have a happy Easter :)

  15. These are so adorable. I particularly love the chick and egg. I don't need to add anything to my list, but those would be perfect for the Henry man. Maybe next year?

  16. Happy Easter!!!
    Unos amigurimis muy bonitos!!
    Saludos desde Spani!!!


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