Maybe Matilda: Rip Slip (or, some Ripply Crochet Goodness)

Monday, April 29, 2013

Rip Slip (or, some Ripply Crochet Goodness)


If you’re a crocheter/crochet appreciator on Instagram, I’d highly recommend you follow OneCraftyLady. She crochets the loveliest things, and I’m always inspired by her creative color choices and gorgeous photography. Anywho, before I creep her out (is she reading?! I would die), I’ll get to the point: she’s been working on a ripple blanket recently, and it is just so pretty and perfect that I had to try it out myself.

I pulled a few colors from my stash and liked the way this dusty purple, cream, and greige looked together:


No big surprise there, but I’m not terribly adventurous when it comes to my color combos. Nice and safe makes me happy. The ripples are quick and satisfying to crochet—kind of monotonous and repetitive, which makes it sound boring, which I guess it kind of is . . . but sometimes I like boring. It’s nice to be able to crochet without hardly thinking about it.


I used this ripple tutorial from Attic 24 to model my blanket after. I’m doing 3 rows of each color to end up with thick, solid stripes, and her instructions are very clear and simple, so if you’re newer to crochet or have never tried a ripple before, I think you’ll be well-equipped if using her instructions.

And shortly after posting the above pictures, a pregnant friend emailed me a color list to use so I could make one for her soon-to-debut little boy, and it’s coming along swimmingly as well:


(In case my cell phone pictures have distorted the colors, the stripes are light gray, mint, charcoal gray, white, and blue.)

Since there are so many more colors involved in this one, I’m only doing two rows of each color, so each one gets plenty of showtime in the blanket. These are super fun to make, and hopefully I’ll have the little guy’s blanket done in just a few days.

(The pictures are from my Instagram—you can find me at maybematilda if you want more.)


  1. Well no wonder it's taking me so long. I'm doing mine sc through back loops with more pointed rows like this one. You'll have both yours done in the mean time!

  2. so cute! a couple of questions - what yarn is good to use for a baby blanket, what size hook are you using, and how many are you starting with in the chain? i saw that she said do it in multiples of 14 then +3, so is 31 a good baby blanket size? i'm feeling like i kind of have to make one of these for a friend of mine.

    1. Hi Eden! Some of my favorite yarns for baby blankets are Hobby Lobby's 'I Love This Yarn,' any Vanna's Choice yarns, Bernat Super Value, Waverly for Bernat, and even Red Heart (which starts out a bit rough but becomes nice and soft when it's washed!) or Red Heart with Love (slightly pricier than plain old Red Heart, but really soft and comfy from the start, with really nice rich colors). For these blankets, I'm using a J hook. And for your last question, I'm sorry to say I didn't keep track of my starting chain! I just counted to 14 over and over until it looked about the right length, then added the final 3. I usually aim for roughly 35-40" long for a baby blanket starting chain, but I only counted by 14s for these blankets and didn't keep a total tally. Sorry. I hope that helps!

  3. I have yarn in my stash for the perfect ripple but it has to wait a bit longer because I need to finish some other stuff. Your pictures make want to start desperately! Your colours are delicious, the blanket will be very lovelybwhen they are done!

  4. I love this pattern! You always make me want to get my rear in gear and try crocheting again. Just lovely.

  5. I tried the Attic24 pattern a few weeks ago, but somehow my ripples ended up going straight! Do you have any suggestions or variations that you do? It seemed that there wasn't a consistent way to end each row in her instructions.

  6. Pretty, pretty, pretty! I love the purple one...I'm a sucker for purple. I'd love for you to link this up at my new Feature Your Fibers link party, too! :)

    ~ Sarah

  7. I love what you've done here! Time for me to go out and purchase my supplies!


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