Maybe Matilda: June 2013 Goal Review

Monday, July 1, 2013

June 2013 Goal Review

Happy July, folks! This year, instead of the traditional New Years’ Resolutions, I’m trying monthly goals on for size. Seems a little more do-able to me, not to mention that things that seemed important in January may not still be a priority 5 months later, and new ideas always crop up. You can visit my June goal post HERE.

So, how’d I do on this month’s goals? Pretty well, actually. Pick up that jaw from the floor.

June goals grade

I mostly did what I had hoped to do! This doesn’t happen much . . . I’m pretty pleased.

1. I didn’t get around to sewing anything, probably because I bounced around between a few project ideas and never just made a decision. Too many ideas are just as bad as too few. So I’m carrying that goal over to July with the more specific addendum of sewing at least 1 skirt (perfect for an ever-increasing stomach size + hot summer weather. Pants are just not working for me these days). I plan to sew either a maxi skirt (like this), or a knee-length ‘yoga’ skirt (like this), or maybe both. We shall see. While we’re on the topic, anyone have any favorite sources for affordable knit fabrics for this type of project?

2. I finally got a grip on my horribly messy house (and stopped using the ‘I’m pregnant’ excuse to avoid it because, to be perfectly honest with you, I feel like 95% normal at this point in the pregnancy [gotta love the 2nd trimester—past the ickiness of the 1st, but not into the whale-iness of the 3rd], and the ‘I’m pregnant’ excuse absolutely must be saved for more important things, like sending Jeff out at midnight for a milkshake). My house certainly isn’t spotless, but at least I’ve gotten back into the habit of cleaning up some clutter on occasion and doing laundry again.

3. I wanted to try a few new recipes to add more vegetables to my diet—my absolute favorite this month was this recipe for Caramelized Butternut Squash (although I just cooked it on the stovetop instead of roasting, which I’m sure would be delicious, but would have been ready like 40 minutes later than the rest of my meal). I hope you take me seriously when I tell you that I literally ate the entire squash myself. And I know what literally means. I don’t hold with any figurative usage of literally. I also really liked baked sweet potato fries this month (no particular recipe for this), and these Honey Mashed Carrots were surprisingly good as well. Can you tell I only really like orange vegetables?

4. More pictures? Done. My favorite:


*snort* Can’t forget these beautiful moments!

5. As for the basement and nursery makeovers . . . it appears the basement makeover might be taking a backseat for a while (unless anyone has, oh, $5,000 they’d like to send my way? Hmm? Bueller?), but I’ve got some good ideas brewing for the baby’s room. I’ll share them soon!

How did you do in June? Any accomplishments you’re especially proud of?


  1. Rock those 2nd trimester nesting instincts! I can't wait to see your plan for the baby's room. Then I'll know what colors to match when I finally send you something for her! ;D

  2. My goal in June was to knock off all the things on my to do list that I could do without spending any money. The ones I have all the supplies for but have put off for no good reason. I'm happy to say I completed about 90% of them!

  3. Love that picture. It really portrays the perfection of all moments. ;)

    Glad you did so well with your goals. Huuuurrrrray.

  4. I totally failed at my June goals. I'm jealous you are feeling great for the 2nd trimester. I'm just constantly tired and have felt like a whale pretty much the entire pregnancy. I guess that makes up for not getting sick during the first trimester.

    Can't wait to see what you do with the nursery!

  5. Yey for mostly completing your goals ... And yey for orange veggies lol.
    Kate xx

  6. You killed your June goals! Yeah, you didn't complete a sewing project but you did complete like 500 crocheting projects. I bombed my June goals. Being out of out town 3 out of the 5 weekends will do that to a person.

  7. Tee shirt/jersey sheets are a great knit fabrics. Very stretchy, perfect for the yoga waistband. Maybe get a neutral color and dye it or bleach it? Ooooh, or ombre?

  8. You literally kicked June's hiney. Wait, that's figuratively kicked June's hiney. Either way, I'm impressed.

  9. Check out Girl Charlee for knits. Great selection and good prices too (well, in my opinion at least. I don't shop for knits too often though).


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