Maybe Matilda: July Goal Review + August Goals

Monday, August 12, 2013

July Goal Review + August Goals

Maybe one of my monthly goals one of these times should be wrapping up a month before the following month is half over?

To see my goal post for July, click HERE. I feel too lazy this afternoon(/month) to do my usual graphic grading myself on accomplishments/failures . . . so, bullet point style, my July goals were:

1) Sew a skirt. This is getting embarrassing, as it’s been a running goal for like 4 months. Just go ahead and guess if this one was completed. It might just be time to admit that I’m not terribly excited about sewing a skirt, and it’s prolly not gonna happen.

2) Exercise 4 times a week: Surprisingly enough, I did a good job here! Granted, my exercise was not particularly strenuous or impressive, but it felt like my maximum and boy does it get harder each day. Forrest and I go for morning walks/waddles most days, or head to the gym where he loves the little day care center and I do not as much love the ellipticals and treadmills. But still. Jeff remarked the other day that I don’t seem quite as bloated/swollen as I did around this time with Forrest, so maybe it’s helping?

3) Clean out craft room. Pssssht. Did not happen. In fact, I believe it got worse. (It definitely got worse.)

4) Cut spur-of-the-moment purchases: I actually feel pretty proud of myself on this one. I did a really good job at reducing those random purchases that you don’t really need  but they do look fun at the time. I can’t say I absolutely 100% never bought anything that wasn’t absolutely necessary, but I tried to think twice before just tossing some cheap little item into the cart, and asked myself if I needed it or just wanted the momentary thrill of buying something silly.

5) Start building baby wardrobe: Yes! A huge thank you to my friend Haley, who sent a great big box of baby girl clothes, which was a giant leap forward in the baby wardrobe department. And this past weekend was a clothing swap that our church puts on each year, and you’d better believe I waddled out of there with 5 shopping bags full of clothes for the little lady (and Forrest). I love hand-me-downs.

Since August is already half over, I’m taking it easy here. (And not making my usual goal graphic—far too lazy.)

August Goals

1) Clean out the craft room. For real. It’s terrible. And it needs to start turning itself into a baby room, pronto.

2) Sew + hang curtains for baby’s room. I’ve had all my nursery fabrics purchased and ready to go for a few weeks, and haven’t even taken them out of the bag yet to get started on anything.

3) Continue exercising (4 times/week).

I think that’ll be it for this month. Not too bad—this should be do-able! (<—that exact sentence seems to be the kiss of death on each of my goal posts than ensures I do 50% or less of my goals.)

What are you up to this month?


  1. Haha, to heck with the skirt/shirt sewing. Baby stuff is far more important & more fun too! Don't you also have a birthday to plan this month? Or did I miss it already? I was hoping to see more of your awesome baking skills. ;D

  2. Good work!!! The fact that you even set goals makes you many steps ahead of me!

  3. good for you! and this is awesome!


  4. Way to be exercising 4x a week, especially while being pregnant. It's weird . . . I exercised way more when I was pregnant than I do now, 3 months later. Hmm. Seems counterintuitive.

  5. You did great! The exercise is impressive. That is my nemesis.

    The months just go so stinking fast.

  6. Way to work on your fitness. I bet it helps having a cute personal trainer. Can't wait to see the craft room turn into the nursery!

  7. Me too me too! Craft room is almost there, and just finished organizing baby clothes. But you still have time, whereas I'm done to the last few weeks! I'm also less swollen this time, possibly because I have to get up and chase a bouncing toddler - I count that as exercise...also waddling around Michaels counts too :-)


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