Maybe Matilda: The Vested Armless Wonder

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Vested Armless Wonder

May we let the following photos be a lesson to us all on the importance of checking one’s exposure compensation before one takes pictures. Although the optical illusion of having a torso and wrists but no arms connecting them to each other is kind of interesting, I guess. And yeeeeeah right, like I was going to head back out into the Arctic cold to shoot some more once I finished up and realized what they looked like. I ain’t risking no frostbite for a blog post. A truly committed blogger I am not.

mustard skinnies + patterned vest + boots

It’s been a little tough finding outfits that I feel put together in, but still make sense for nursing and taking care of little kids . . . even though it hardly matters, considering I only leave the house like 3 days a week, preferring most days to hole up at home like a frightened little house mouse. But I really, really do feel better and get more accomplished on the days when I put a little effort into getting dressed and ready, even if I’m not doing anything very exciting. Like, today, in this outfit? My one trip outdoors was to take these pictures. 

. . .

No, wait! I also checked the mailbox when I heard the mail truck go by, so that makes two trips out. My fellow social butterflies, raise those hands up high! (wings?)

yellow skinnies + patterned vest

But for whatever reason, just choosing an outfit seems to kick start my day, especially if it’s an outfit I feel good in. And I felt good in this one. Cozy and warm, but easy to nurse in, and although the pictures (hopefully) don’t show it, the pants are stained in enough places already to make me unconcerned about sticky hands making the situation worse. Always the glamorous perfectionist, I am. (This is why I can’t have nice things. CHILDREN.)

And how cute is the vest? Easily one of the coziest things I’ve ever owned, and it’s all thanks to my friends at Pretty Life Anonymous (one of the few style blogs I read faithfully—those girls are hilarious and so cute, and always get me thinking outside of my itty bitty comfy little jeans-and-a-t-shirt-all-day-erry-day style box). They were giving away this vest recently and the fashion gods smiled upon me in my raggedy spit-up covered frumpiness, and here I am with a new vest. So obviously it needed its own post. From one blog to another—it’s the Sisterhood of the Traveling Vest. Except its travels end here. I’m not as generous as the Pretty Life girls are.

Vest: SheInside
Pants: Old Navy
Boots: gift from husband, so who on earth knows where he shops? Not I.


  1. That bright yellow is so fun against all the white. And love the vest!

  2. You look awesome! Girl, you are so much more stylish than you give yourself credit for. Love this outfit - even without arms. ;)

  3. You look great Rachel! I know what you mean, I hardly put any effort to getting dressed unless I'm going out. But it feels good when I do!

  4. Vests are bests! I went to look for this one and it's sold out... Bummer! I wear vests in the winter... It's one of my fashion signatures (laughs). This one looks far more feminine than the fleece Columbia utilitarian one that I typically wear in the FL "winters". I think my husband wouldn't mind the extra money spent to make my vest collection more lady-like. Awesome as always, Rachel.

  5. I love this! Getting dressed and ready has so much to do with my mental state and productivity too! I was thinking of modeling (if you can call it that) for the breastfeeding outfit guide I did. Alas post baby body and stress eating don't make for a great model! You look amazing!

  6. Love this! That is all ;)

    I rarely put effort into getting dressed... for so many reasons I won't list here.


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