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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Intro vs. Extro

This post brought to you by CVS. All opinions are 100% mine.

It'll be interesting to see as he grows up if Forrest takes more after his introverted mother who would prefer to stay home 90% of the time, reading and crocheting in silence, or his extroverted father who starts to go stir-crazy if he's been in the house for more than 5 1/2 minutes. At this point, he seems to have a fair mix of our social personalities . . . he has been known to shout, "Go away! Nobody's here!" when there is a knock on the door (you will never ever ever guess who he learned that from), but he is also tickled pink to play with other kids or go shopping (I left him alone in a waiting room for 2 seconds the other day and came back to find him sitting next to another mom, asking if he could hold her hand).
(Hold on to your hormones, ladies, because I am about to hit you with a picture of the ever-fashionable Jeff in a head-to-toe sweats ensemble. I am shocked (as, I'm sure, are you) that he has not yet been invited to grace the cover of any gentlemens style magazines. If there was a male version of the coordinating pink velour track suit, I guarantee he would own it. Especially if it said 'cutie' across the bum.)

And it's not like I'm a total hermit--I leave the house, I love going for walks or to the library or the park, and I love hanging out with my mom and sister--but I definitely value quiet time at home. A lot. I'll never be that mom who coordinates daily play dates with other kids, or signs them up for 10 different lessons and sports and clubs. I just don't have the stamina for that. I'd rather read a book at home. I'm kind of hoping they will, too, at least some of the time.
I will never stop laughing at the sight of Darcy in this puffy outfit. I think she may just inherit Jeff's fashion sense, something I'm sure we can all be thankful is being passed along.

Anyway, after Forrest spent about an hour straight sprinting around like a ninny at the park, I'm sure he needed to replenish his worn and weary little body with a healthy, nutritious snack, and since I value nothing more than proper balanced nutrition, I gave him M&M'S®.
They've come out with NEW Mega and Birthday Cake M&M’S® Brand Chocolate Candies and we gave them a try after a busy day of playing. Forrest was wildly excited to try them, especially since it was getting too dark for pictures and I didn't make him finish his dinner before busting out the candy for fear of missing out on the lew few remaining particles of light. A healthy, balanced meal is always a top priority in our home. As is socialization, obviously.
birthday cake m&ms
May I take a moment to express my complete and total shock that he has been cooperating for pictures lately? He has definitely gone through all sorts of photography phases--being indifferent to the camera, running away when he sees me get it out, making ridiculous faces when I try and take a picture--and is now in the middle of a really fantastic cooperative phase where he poses how I tell him and waits until I'm done shooting to stuff his face with candy. I suppose this means I should book some family photos before he moves on to a new and horrible picture-taking phase.
birthday cake m&ms
I hope I still get paid for this post if I tell you the honest truth: I hated the Birthday Cake flavor. Sorry, folks at M&M'S®. The Birthday Cake mostly tasted like plain chocolate M&M'S®, but with a super funky, unpleasant aftertaste that I thought was only just barely birthday cake-flavored. (Can I have my money now?)

But Forrest loved them, insisted they were his "favowite tweat EVER!", and ate the entire bag himself, so hey, they did have a fan in our family.

The Megas, on the other hand, I thought were pretty cool.
mega m&ms
Triple the size of your typical M&M'S®. I think they would make for some really fun M&M'S® cookies. But heaven knows they were gone in like 2 minutes, so I guess I'll have to go out and buy more if I want to bake with them.
If you'd like to try these new flavors, you can click on the image below to grab a coupon and head over to CVS to save $1.00 when you purchase two bags of M&M'S®.
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  1. Your posts have been so frequent and fun lately! Keep it up, and thank you for sharing. Have you ever thought about doing a day in the life post? I'm new to being a stay at home mom, and have kids close in age to yours (2.5 and 3 months). I'm still trying to figure out how to structure my days, spend my time, and not go mad with boredom. You seem to get things done with small kids around-- baking! Crocheting! Outfits! Blogging!-- how do you do it? Just an idea, but I'd love to read it.

  2. This post is awesome. I'm wondering who Henry will take after, but I sort of already think I know it's me. (Shocker: I'm an extrovert.) We are just both in better spirits when we get out and do something. But Ryan would prefer to stay home and chill in his head-to-toe sweats. ;)

    Also, can I just say that these photo backdrops don't even look real? Wowza. Gorgeous place you live.

  3. I HATED the birthday cake m&m's too. I was so excited to try them and was majorly disappointed. Glad I'm not alone.

    I'm an introvert as well. I don't mind going out and running errands (ALWAYS up for a Target trip), but I don't like to be around groups of people, especially when I'm expected to interact with them. Haha.

  4. Me too--I dread parties and big events. I have been known to sneak out of church early just to avoid having to talk to people, too. Ha!

  5. I like that idea! I'll add it to my list :-)

  6. Haha, thanks! I'm always worried sponsored posts will stick out.


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