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Monday, March 10, 2014


You know what I love about living so close to my family? Yes, the free babysitting. Yes, the random treat drop-offs when someone has baked too much. Yes, the weekly cookie-making-and-crocheting-and-facebooking hangouts with my mom and sister. Yes, texting my mama to ask if I can borrow a shirt and having her arrive on my doorstep with shirt in hand the next day.

But also, the part where you hear great things about a restaurant, call your sister, and head over to it together without having to drive halfway across the country for a simple lunch date.

The other day, I stumbled onto a few local restaurant review blogs and HELLO. Danger Will Robinson! I now have a running list of no fewer than 20 restaurants and bakeries from Provo to Salt Lake City that I’m desperate to try, and if you happen to see me pan-handling in the streets in the near future, clothed in rags and begging for spare change, it will be because I spent my life savings trying new restaurants and I will wholeheartedly blame those dang foodie blogs. We met up with my sister and her fiancĂ© (eeeeeep! she’s getting married!) on Saturday to try out Wild Ginger, a Chinese restaurant in Provo that was spoken highly of.

Sushi from Wild Ginger

I’m normally not the world’s biggest sushi fan, but I loved it here. Our entrees were good—probably better than the average Chinese restaurant I’ve been to, although not tremendous stand-outs—but I really loved the sushi. And since I’m a bit new to sushi, deep fry that ish and drench it in sauces before I get my eats on, please and thank you.

Forrest just about lost his mind when we told him who we’d be meeting up with for lunch, and spent the entire morning asking if it was time to go to wunch yet? Time for see Bekah and Awan yet? We better go now, it’s wunchtime and I hungwy and need to see Bekah and Awan. He wasted no time cozying up with Awan/Alan (Bekah’s fiancĂ©) who is too kindhearted and patient to tell overly-friendly 3-year olds that no, he isn’t particularly interested in hearing absolutely every teensy detail of that morning’s episode of Curious George, nor does he enjoy being fed Cheerios one at a time off the end of a chopstick. And then, to add insult to injury, Forrest smooched all over Bekah right in front of him, just to prove that he was her first love. Welcome to the family, Alan, we’re a barrel of fun and as long as you’re okay with a certain amount of crazy in your life, you should like it here just fine.

He’s a character, this one.

black + blue

Can we discuss jeggings for a minute here? I made fun of them long and hard when they first started being a thing (mostly for being named jeggings. I mean, come on. Jeggings?), but as is the case with 99% of trends, I balked and laughed and thought I will never be caught dead in pants that tight and now, here I am. Loving jeggings with all my heart and soul. I got these at Bella Ella when they were on sale for $15 and they are fantastic. Stretchy and soft and crazy comfortable, and I have thoroughly tested them in a very controlled scientific manner so I can tell you with total confidence that yes, you can eat your weight in sushi in these pants and they will not explode into thready fragments all over the restaurant or cause injury to other patrons by shooting a button into someone’s eye. You are good to go. I hope you appreciate the things that are done for you, my dear friends! Just imagine the struggle of forcing down bite after bite of (amazing, delicious, finger-licking) sushi, solely so I could tell you that jeggings are up to the challenge.

black + blue

Top: c/o To Adorn // Pants: Bella Ella Boutique // Shoes: Payless // Bag: c/o JP Lizzy // Necklace: Kohl’s

There are actually 2 separate jeggings listed on the site and I can’t figure out which of the two I own, but I found the same brand available online here for $10 and it’s taking everything in me not to purchase them in every color. (If you order some, I’d recommend thinking about getting a size up from what you normally wear.)

And while we’re on the topic of snagging some new clothes (ummmm, always), LuLu*s is offering $5 Express shipping today only! I am particularly coveting these coral heels and this floral skirt.


$5 Express Shipping offer applies to 3rd Day UPS delivery. Continental USA only. Service delays due to weather are not the responsibility of

Now, two questions for you.

1) Did you do anything fun this weekend? Examples include (but are not limited to) sushi binging and pondering deep thoughts on jeggings.

2) Are you a jeggings believer?


  1. Great post! I loooooooove Sushi! And Forrest is adorable, what a cutie! I went to a crochet meeting actually this weekend, which was a blast. And jeggings, well, after reading your post I will maybe try one sometime. I have a pear figure (size S on top, size M/L on the bottom), so I don't know if it will flatter my body type.
    Have a great day!

  2. Aren't you the cutest! I'm a a huge jeggings fans. I have a pair from Target that I wear about 80% of my jean wearing time. I almost prefer them over sweat pants. Almost.

  3. We are also blessed to live 20 minutes away from my family, which means lots of free babysitting and visits with Grammy, Grampa and aunties! In fact, we have plans this weekend for my first "real" sushi experience with my sister and her husband. He's a sushi lover, and since I'm a bit too scared to try navigating those waters on my own, I solicited his help. And yes--deep fry that ish and drench it in sauce for me, too!

    As for the jeggings, I am wearing a pair as I type. I LIVE in jeggings. Thanks for the tip about Lulu's! I don't think my hubby will thank you quite as much, but I sure am excited to do some online shopping. ;)

  4. They are the BEST. I thought they'd be uncomfortable since they're tight, but man, they are great.

  5. Have fun! I definitely love the fried ones . . . not completely converted to the rest, but anything deep fried is bound to be delicious ;-)

  6. Thanks, Barbara! I bet you could do jeggings . . . not that I know anything about dressing anyone except myself (and even then . . . not always), but maybe if you paired them with a flowier/voluminous top to make sure you look balanced? I don't know. Worth a shot!

  7. I really loved the Handmaid's Tale but I may have to re-read it. I am reading The Fault in our Stars and am enjoying it especially the parts in The Netherlands.


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