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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Mother Knows Best

I’ve hit a point in my life where I am 100% willing to just accept that my mom is right. About almost everything. All the time. Always and forever. This has been a long time coming. A slow learning process that has taken years of realizing, a bit at a time, that whenever we’ve had a difference of opinion, hers always turns out to be right (or at least more right than mine). The clothes she chooses for me that I’m not sure about? She’s right, they look better than the things I choose for myself. The home decorating ideas I’m not into that she insists will look great? She’s right, they always do. The foods I rebelled against as a child that she swore I’d end up loving someday? Yes and yes again. Her ideas and suggestions and advice about the kids? Always spot on. Kinda comforting to know that I can just trust whatever she says and go with it without really having to think/deliberate/research on my own, and kinda annoying to know that she will always be right. I highly doubt that my children will someday look at me in awe of any sort of motherly wisdom, but I’m hoping the always right gene is hiding somewhere deep in my soul and will emerge someday. Fingers crossed.

She wore a lovely, simple yellow sheath dress to Bekah’s wedding last month, and paired it with a vibrant blue-green necklace (and although our necklaces look nearly identical, we each own a slightly different version, which has caused much confusion for poor Forrest who always demands Grandma ‘take mama’s necklace off and GIVE IT BACK TO HER WIGHT NOW!’ when he sees her wearing it). I wouldn’t have thought to pair yellow and green in an outfit, but can you sense what’s coming here? (She is right. They are awesome together.) You can catch a little glimpse of my mom in the outfit she wore to Bekah’s wedding in the first photo in this post. And I loved her outfit that day and the pop of cheery colors together, so I did what I do best—threw caution to the wind and copied my mommy. Yellow with green: check and check.

yellow top + green statement necklace //

And can I get three cheers for awesomely flattering tops that hug and flow in all the right places? I can’t say I’ve conducted any in-depth scientific studies to research this, but I have a hypothesis that this style of shirt—snug in the arms and hips and drapey (drapy? drapey? dray-pee? forgive my spelling for it is weird) through the torso—is flattering on just about everyone and every body type. Who knows, I guess I could be wrong. More research is needed. Or, I could just call my mom and ask her—she would know.

yellow with a pop of green

Top: c/o Annie Jean // Pants: Ross // Shoes: Payless // Necklace: ebay

And I have good news for you: I’ve got a coupon code for you to use at Annie Jean Apparel (the adorable shop this lovely top hails from)! Save 25% sitewide with coupon code RBMM25 (valid through the end of July—hurry!). I am under absolutely no obligation/expectation to say anything about them (they were kind enough to offer a coupon regardless of anything I might or might not post), but dead honest, this is a company I can wholeheartedly recommend to you. Every interaction I’ve had with them has been fantastic, I love everything I own from Annie Jean, I think their style is so cute and fun, and the prices are great. So that’s that. Hop over and do some shopping if you deserve something nice, which I bet you do. I have my eye on the Romantic Ruffle Dress, Black and White Challis Pants, and Desert Sun Aztec Top.

Here are some other things I’ve worn in the past from Annie Jean. Happy shopping :-)

Save 25% at Annie Jean Apparel this month!!!


  1. Welp. At the risk of looking ultra cool, I'm going to go ahead and be not only comment #1, but ALSO comment #2. Hahah. But...I just got my Annie Jean order in the mail and I am ecstatic. I absolutely love it!! Thanks so much for the discount! I've now dedicated a piece of my shopping heart to that shop. (I probably just don't get retail therapy enough, so I overreact), but. Man. Feels so good. Just wanted to say thanks!!

  2. Haha! Thank you for being my one and only VIP commenter ;-) So glad you like your things! I love Annie Jean. Very happy you do, now, too :-)


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