Maybe Matilda: Frog / Zebra Amis (or, Toys My Children Won’t Appreciate)

Friday, August 22, 2014

Frog / Zebra Amis (or, Toys My Children Won’t Appreciate)

Not sure if you can hear it from your side of the computer screen, but if you picked up on a long, glorious, beautiful sigh of deep relief just now, that was courtesy of yours truly being so glad it’s Friday, and so glad the week is over, and so so so glad my week of marathon sponsored posts has come to an ignominious end (I cannot tell you how glad I am to once again be hitting the ‘publish’ button without cringing in embarrassment). It was such a forceful sigh of relief, I wouldn’t be surprised if your hair actually blew back from your screen a little, hair commercial style. Thanks for hanging in there with me this week. It was awkward and embarrassing to put up one sponsored post after another, but no one left me any nasty comments about it, and for that I thank you.

I am a bit of a stress crocheter, and I have definitely been feeling the stress this past week or two, so I got a good amount of crocheting done (for shop orders and also just for kicks). I found a darling little amigurumi pattern that I can’t wait to make Darcy for her first birthday, which meant that I had to crochet something for Forrest for his birthday, too, and he seems to be into zebras lately, so there you have it. A stress-induced birthday zebra.

Crochet Zebra amigurumi //

Honestly, I’ll be completely shocked if he plays with it more than maybe 4 or 5 times. He’s never really been into stuffed animals, but he’s going to be 4 in 2 days. At 4 years old, I might have a prayer of him enjoying something I’ve crocheted. Will I even have the slightest chance of him loving a crocheted animal at 5 or beyond? Probably not. So I’ll just keep crocheting him things he (probably) won’t care about while I still have even the slimmest chance that he’ll like them.

crochet zebra //

I used this free pattern from Kristen’s Crochet to make the little guy, and it worked up very nicely. For some reason, the limbs (which looked perfectly proportioned on Kristen’s version!) looked goofily large on my zebra, so I went back and scaled them down a bit, plus shortened the mane significantly and went with a braided tail. I think he came out awfully cute. I’m really excited to give him to my little Goob-Meister, and am also preparing myself for the impending heartbreak when he shows zero interest in it whatsoever. Yay parenting!!!

After finishing the zebra, it would have made sense to start working on the toy I have planned for Darcy’s 1st birthday (only 2 months away?!?!?!?!?!), and yet I started a completely unrelated project instead. Because when do I ever do things that make sense? I made a frog, which I hope to not keep much longer (you can find her in my etsy shop, and would you do me a solid and go buy her? thanksverymuch). For unexplainable reasons, I stayed up until 1 AM finishing the little darling, and paid for it dearly the next day when Forrest delivered a friendly wake-up call bright and early by knocking on my forehead to tell me he needed toast. (Once again: yay parenting!!!)

crochet frog //

I don’t feel like the pictures quite do this frog justice—she is so darling, so plump and squeezable, so dang cute in real life. I just love how she came out, and would love to make more of her in the future. 

crochet frog //

I based her on this pattern from lilleliis (and am now obsessed with all of her patterns—girlfriend has talent, no doubt about it). Fantastic pattern, if you’re in the market for a crocheted frog (and why wouldn’t you be?).

I am tempted to stress-begin another amigurumi as soon as I finish typing this, but I’m not sure I can survive another 1AM bedtime. Happy weekend to one and all!


  1. Hahaha! I stress knit :) Can't wait to learn how to crochet-then I can stress-crochet and have more than one option...which may cause more stress...eeep :) I loved you sponsored posts, so don't feel bad...unfortunately I can't sample all your recommended goodies coz I'm all the way in South Africa :) Ah well, I will keep reading your awesome blog and dang-nabbit your kids are cute *

  2. Gosh. Sponsored posts. Lame. ;) I actually really enjoy your sponsored posts because they are the same as all of your other posts.

    Anywho, I need to pick up the needles again. Do you consider these cute little animals an advanced project. They terrify me.

    Also, that child of yours. Can she get any cuter? Like each day she just keeps getting cuter. There has to be an end, right?

  3. Girl, you know we don't leave nasty comments about your sponsored posts. We just go say terrible things about you behind your back! Kidding! Your writing is always thoughtful and your personality comes through with every post. I don't even notice the sponsored posts are sponsored except for that disclaimer you have to put in there. :) I want you to stress less, but I also enjoy all the crochet animals you make. The struggle.

  4. I love them both! I stress crochet too and I always want to work on something that I don't need to be working on, funny how that works huh? Happy early Birthday to Mr. Forrest! I knew his and Wil's were close but I didn't realize this close, Wil's is Monday :)

    I just did a post on the birthday presents I crocheted for Harper & Wil somehow I got them finished well before their birthdays. I too have just found her patterns and I'm currently working on a Tummy Teddy for a very special little girl. I will share more about it on the blog next week if you're interested. ;)

  5. LOL at knocking on your forehead for toast. That Forrest is too much fun. ;)

    Love your cuties - the ones you make with a hook and the ones you just make. (See what I did there?)

    happy friday!

  6. Made these tonight. SO. GOOD. Thanks for sharing.


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