Maybe Matilda: You had me at ‘teeny giraffe.’

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

You had me at ‘teeny giraffe.’

At some point, I’m sure we’ll collectively move on from our current favorite animal to something different (it’s been birds, owls, giraffes, foxes . . . I’m casting my vote for hippos next), but for now, giraffes are doing me just fine, thanks.

crochet giraffe //

“Always with the amazing photography! How DO you keep this greatness coming?” you ask? Casual fake-humble shrug. God’s gift to the interwebs, armed with a mostly-dead iphone camera, right here.

I recently found (and then stalked and pestered into friendship) Sthefanie from Pastel Barn (you can find her on etsy HERE and instagram HERE). She is just the sweetest little ray of sunshine, and crochets darling little animals and dolls. She posted an itty bitty giraffe recently that she whipped up for her daughter’s first birthday, and was so kind to share her pattern notes with me when I begged for them. This little cutie is the result. I like.

If anyone’s interested, she’s listed in my etsy shop. And speaking of amigurumi, does anyone have a type of stuffing they are particularly loyal to? I always just choose something mostly at random, but I’m wondering if there is a stuffing that is particularly well-suited to amigurumi?

In other news:

- After picking Forrest up from preschool yesterday, the first thing out of his mouth was a very excited, “I had a gweat time at pweschool today! Some boys hurted my feelings weally bad because they were being way too cwazy and I shouted at them and then I cwied and then my teacher snuggled me all better!” Never have I desired more strongly to be a fly on the wall than since he started preschool. I would love to know what the heck goes on in there, because his reports about his day are pretty baffling.

- We have a trip to Pennsylvania coming up fast and I’m excited for the visit but sort of having anxiety attacks about our flight. Remember how awful my only other time flying with Darcy was? Based on that experience and her generally pleasant attitude the rest of the time, I can only assume that she bottles up all her anger and rage to release when we’ve reached 500 feet. So we’re looking at roughly 6 months’ worth of pent-up baby psychosis being unleashed on a cross-country flight in a few days. Financial tip: now might be a good time to buy stock in earplugs.

- Thank you all so much for your sweet comments about my little TV thingy! I felt silly doing it, and I also felt silly posting about it (but it seemed so weird not to post about it that I sort of had to), but as always, you guys are the nicest. Very encouraging and supportive and I love you all and check your doorstep tonight for a plate of thank-you cookies from me.


  1. I still need to finish my stripy giraffe!!!!

    I would be legitimately freaked out if I found a plate of cookies on my doorstep. ;D

  2. I now teach all my students to crochet with the hand over the TOP of the hook. It is MUCH easier on the hand.


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