Maybe Matilda: 10-Minute ‘Boo’ Sign + My Fall Decorating

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

10-Minute ‘Boo’ Sign + My Fall Decorating

I can almost hear my mom and sister laughing at the post title already—10 minute ‘boo’ sign!!! We got together last week to do some Halloween crafting, and I’ll just give you a quick run-down of our day . . .

Number of hours we spent together: 5
Number of projects Bekah planned to make: 4
Number of projects I planned to make: 0
Number of false starts and do-overs on just 1 single project: 50382
Number of pumpkin scones consumed: 6
Total number of projects Bekah completed: 0
Total number of projects I completed: 1

As a reminder, peek back up at the project plans—Bekah wanted to make 4 things, and I wasn’t going to make any. Yet somehow I ended up with the only project of the day, even though we spent 4 or 5 hours together. We are slow, easily distracted, very hungry crafters who take frequent snack breaks.

But—but! If we had actually had a plan for this sign, and known what we wanted it to turn out like, and just made the dang thing instead of fiddling around, changing our minds over and over about how it should look, messing things up and trying them again a different way, I bet it would have honestly been about a 10 minute project. So I’m just going to call it that. It’s just too embarrassing to title this post ‘My 4 hour ‘boo’ sign.’

10 minute Halloween 'BOO' sign with painted pumpkins
At any rate, it was a very fun 4 hours (although there was minimal crafting involved), and I love how my little sign turned out. I used my brand spankin’ new Silhouette Portrait, and guys. This thing is fun. I have so many things I want to use it for, and so many ideas I’ve been hoarding and imagining for, quite honestly, a few years now. This is an exciting moment. But I figured I’d better start small while I get to know the machine and learn what it can do, and this sign was a great little intro. It’s a simple, fast, very basic project that turned out so sweet.

Halloween BOO sign with painted pumpkins

All I did was lightly paint a store-bought plaque (purchased from JoAnn with a 50% off coupon, so it came to about $4), then used spray adhesive to mount the letters on it (which I typed up and resized for my sign, then cut from cute paper with my Silhouette Portrait). I added two of these little spiderwebs in the corners, resized to fit perfectly behind my letters without too much overlap. A thick layer of mod podge over the whole thing, plus a little watered-down black paint sponged around the edges and flicked with a toothbrush over the front, and it was good to go!

10 minute Halloween BOO sign

For the little pumpkins, I just grabbed some cheap plastic pumpkins from a dollar store and slapped a few layers of white chalk paint on, then added some black dots with the non-bristled end of a paintbrush (for the small dots) and my fingertip (for the bigger dots). Makes for a cute little Halloween display, if I may say so myself.

Elsewhere in the house, I’ve stuck more to a fall theme instead of Halloween.

Simple fall display

The window, lamp, Scentsy warmer, and wreath are always in this spot, so I just added a few little things to make it look a little more ‘autumn.’ I made the Halloween paper garland a few years ago, and am sort of amazed at how well it’s still holding up. I added candy corn to my DIY hurricanes (made with this tutorial), and tossed some moss and pumpkins (which I already had) into a planter that migrates throughout my house all year. A little burlap as a table runner and a leftover wood slice from my sister’s wedding this summer, and it looks all sorts of autumnal.

Outside, I got rid of my summer flowers in my planters (they were well past health anyway) and added some mums. I’m hoping they’ll fill out soon and look a little more lush. I think a fall wreath would look a little more appropriate on the door, but I haven’t seen any I’ve fallen in love with yet. The search continues.

Fall exterior

If budget allowed, I’d have like 4 times as many pumpkins as you see here . . . but dang, those puppies add up fast! I’m now doubly impressed by porches that have dozens of pumpkins set out. Impressed once because they look so cheery, and again because they must have taken out a second mortgage to pay for them. Between the mums and the pumpkins, I spent about $20 out here. Inside, all I purchased was the plaque for the Boo sign, so my total money spent to decorate for fall is about $24. Not bad, I’d say.

pumpkins and mums

How do you like to decorate for fall?


  1. I love your changing tableau on the table, and those pumpkins are beautiful! Our front door wreath is just a 12" grapevine wreath ($2), and three times a year I change the accessories. Winter: evergreen clippings, red berries, maybe pinecones (all for free from nature). Spring/Summer: garland of faux forsythia ($4) tied onto the wreath with brown string. Fall: fake fall leaves ($4) stuck into the wreath. Each switch takes about 10 minutes. That's about as much seasonal decorating as I can handle!

  2. See, this is the trouble with the Silhouette. 1. There are 83878978 projects that I want to make and I can't figure out which one to start first. 2. I have to get it just right and I don't know what I'm doing.

    But I'm still in love. That sign is darling. I have plans for a few Christmas signs. I should probably start now...

  3. I love your fall decorations! One day I'd like to convert to just "fall" decor instead of Halloween decor. Right now I do childcare in my home so I've always had the "cutesy-cutesy" Halloween decorations for the kids. Once I get out of childcare (when I graduate from college in a few years) I plan to switch to all fall decor. :) P.S. YOU'RE RIGHT! Pumpkins are SO expensive! Sam's Club wanted $8.99 for theirs! Eeek! Aldi has theirs for $2.99...need to pop in there and get some! :)

  4. I absolutely adore your blog! I feel like we're birds of a feather every time I read a post!


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