Maybe Matilda: Anytime now, fall. Really.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Anytime now, fall. Really.

stripes + military vest + moto boots + pulsar watch

These pictures are lies, vicious dirty lies. Because they imply, with their cute little moto boots and warm cozy vest, that there is a nip in the air, maybe a lovely chilly breeze, and pumpkin-flavored-everything to be enjoyed when in fact it neared 80 degrees today. Uncool, nature. Un. Cool.

stripes + military vest + moto boots + pulsar watch

I'm starting to get moderately concerned that fall isn't actually going to happen, period. I keep seeing instagram shots from around the country of vibrantly colored leaves but I'm pretty sure I could still fry an egg on the sidewalk if the need arose. Maybe we'll go to bed one night in our tank tops and shorts with the air conditioner running and wake up to a blanket of snow and carolers on the doorstep and that will be it? We'll just skip straight past fall into bleak, endless winter? It's a dark thought, but someone's gotta think it. In a token nod to the fall that isn't happening, there are apples ripe for the picking on the tree to my left in these pictures, but I'm pretty sure they're all dripping sweat and breathing heavily.

Anyway, what I intended to write about before I got sidetracked by whininess was babystepping it into trendiness, and mixing classic basics with trendier items. I'm sure I'm not alone in being overwhelmed sometimes when I venture onto a fashion blog (something I rarely, rarely do--way too intimidating). Faced with zillions of fashionable images, I end up feeling like nothing I have is cute or flattering or on-trend or modern, and unless I go out and buy everything new and more or less start a trendy wardrobe from scratch, there's no point in making any sort of effort at stylishness. Do you do this, too?

I think for me, the key is always going to be adding trendy, seasonal items in very small doses. I can't picture myself, even if our budget allowed, heading out at the start of each season and loading up a shopping cart with dozens of trendy new items to carry me through. (That does sound fun though, right?) I don't have the time or interest or energy or money to worry much about keeping up with every passing trend. I find myself having a hard time justifying too many trendy purchases. If I have $20 to spend on a new top, I generally talk myself out of the one that is darling but splattered with a very trendy (and potentially short-lived) pattern or color or cut, and go with the one that is more basic and classic and versatile, since I can picture myself wearing it for longer. So I end up with a closet of mostly versatile basics, and just smatterings of trendier pieces to spice things up, like--ohidon'tknow--an outfit of skinnies and stripes and a basic leather bag (classic) paired with a more trendy utility vest and moto boots (which I'm a little bit obsessed with at the moment--in no way is it cool enough to be wearing these boots on the daily, yet here we are).

stripes + utility vest

And the loveliest timeless piece in this outfit is absolutely the watch (venturing dangerously close to pun territory by using the word 'timeless!'). This Pulsar watch speaks straight to my soul--the design is sleek and modern, but it's classic and will look beautiful and on-trend forever. It's high-quality and durable, but at a reasonable price point (considering the quality and workmanship!). It will last years and years and just oozes versatility, and I love the little bit of glamour and style and personality it adds to an outfit. Nothing but happy emojis for this Pulsar beauty.

Pulsar watch

How do you handle mixing basics with trendy pieces? Do you invest in classics, or have fun with plenty of trendy items?

Jeans: Ross // Top: some awful cheap place online that is junky and terrible and not worth linking to // Vest: Annie Jean Apparel--now dead and I could cry about it! // Boots: c/o Sole Society // Bag: c/o Lily Jade // Watch: c/o Pulsar

Every day, there’s a new rhythm, a new adventure. You dance to the beat of your own drum. You capture and share moments, with your family and your friends. PULSAR is a quality companion that is right there with you – every day, and for tomorrow, with modern styles that stand the test of time. That’s Life. In real time.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Pulsar. The opinions and text are all mine.


  1. I too tend to buy all classic (safe) pieces that will
    last a long time and are versatile. But I do like to add pops of
    trendiness with accessories...bold/chunky jewelry, belts, shoes/boots,
    jackets, hair accessories. And lately, I'm all about THRIFT STORES! I
    used to find thrift store shopping GROSS. But my sister and another
    very trendy fashion blogger turned me on to them and now, I can hardly
    stand to pay full price for anything. It's such an adventure, I love

  2. lovely dresses

  3. Agreed, thrift shopping is so fun! And the perfect way to add spicier pieces without spending a fortune. It kills me to see high prices on really trendy pieces--no way am I going to spend too much on something that might look outdated in just a few months. I just wish I had a little more time to thrift shop--I remember doing it a lot before having kids, but it's not as easy dragging two kids with me!


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