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Friday, December 5, 2014

Dare to Entertain Features

This week has blown chunks, and I mean that in every possible sense of that tasteful phrase. Forrest and I both started out sick--we’re on the mend now, but there has still been so much whining and coughing and crying and complaining, day in and day out, all week long. And even little Miss Buttercup, who somehow escaped the death blaze of our communal germs, has been off her usual cheerful game, insisting upon being carried and held constantly. She must be in my arms or on my lap every moment of every day, and while the snuggles started out sweet, it’s beginning to grate after 5 straight days. 

I’m so tired and so frustrated, and I’ve hit that point—even if I’m the only mom who feels this way, please hide your horror and disgust and pretend you know what I’m talking about—where I wonder why, exactly, I had children, and what about this looked appealing 5 years ago when I tossed out my birth control, and where is the returns office and where can I find a copy of the refund policy?

Don’t call CPS. I’ll snap out of it sooner or later. I’ve always been inclined to a little self-indulgent melodrama.

I could go on whining for paragraphs and paragraphs more, you know I could, but I’m sure the other Dare to DIY cohosts aren’t planning on mentioning their puking children or parenting qualms or imaginary runaway plans in their posts today, so I’ll move on.

There were some lovely projects in this week’s link-up (which was hosted by Décor and the Dog)—lots of delicious-looking recipes perfect for parties, beautiful centerpieces to gather around, and more. Make sure to visit NewlyWoodwards, Shift Ctrl Art, and Décor and the Dog to see their favorite projects from the week.

Advent Calendar Tree Centerpiece from Love Your Home

Printable Thanksgiving Place Cards from The House Made Home

Treat Yo Self Printable Art from For My Love Of

Thanks to everyone who joined in! It’s always so fun to see your take on the theme, and the projects that kept you busy each week.

Speaking of themes, next week’s is Dare to Give Handmade and the link party will be RIGHT HERE at Maybe Matilda on Monday! I really hope you’ll join in with your handmade gifts . . . partly because of, you know, the joy of link parties and sharing your work and all, and partly because I am hosting and don’t want to be embarrassed if no one links up on my week to be in charge. So work on those handmade gifts this weekend and come back Monday to post them, okay?

This is where I’d post a sneak peek of my ‘give handmade’ project if I had one. I haven’t started. But I have an idea. I’ll get there.

Peace out, and happy weekend folks. May your days be germ- and whine-free, and may your parenting (where applicable) be blissful and unregretful.



  1. I think we all feel like that some days! The stock photos of motherhood never show you the times you spend cleaning poop off of every surface in your bathroom. Or how it feels when you spend a hour making a nice healthy meal for your kids, and they demand a peanut butter sandwich. Or how frustrating it it when you just want them to GO TO SLEEP! Or any of a thousand other real life struggles. Hang in here - hope you feel better soon!

  2. I love your whining! And I totally second everything you say! If Bennett strips naked one.more.time. on the way out the door... well, I don't really know what, but you catch my drift. Just chatted with one of my empty nester neighbors who reminded me to take it all in because it doesn't last long. I know she means it in the "savor each moment" kind of way, but for my sanity I often think the flip side--the hard times don't last forever. ; )

    And that "Treat yo self" sign is awesome. Can't wait to see your handmade gifts.

  3. I absolutely LOVE how incredibly honest you are! LOL! EVERY MOTHER and I do mean EVERY mother feels that way at times (and they're LYING if they say otherwise, LOL!)...I hope you feel better soon (and the kiddos too). In the meantime, I'm enjoying all of your crafty posts. Hang in there! :)

  4. Thanks for featuring my advent calendar :)

    My little one has had a on again / off again fever. She's teething and her cold hasn't gone away. I know what you're going through... (it's tough being a mom)

  5. Sending hugs to you! Hope things get better soon.

  6. Your pics are just beautiful. I loved that branch advent tree and those printables too.

  7. Love these features!! The Treat Yo Self printable is amazing!


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