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Friday, December 12, 2014

Give Handmade Features + Weekly Recap

Thanks to everyone who joined the Dare to Give Handmade linkup on Monday! I picked up (stole) quite a few great ideas for Christmas gifts to make and give this year.

Two of my favorite projects—I love Cindy’s trendy, easy to make DIY Tassel Bracelet (Made 2 Style):

DIY Tassel Bracelet

She has lots of other lovely jewelry tutorials on her blog as well!

And I also love this DIY 2015 Calendar—so unique and fun. Find the how-to at Inside the Fox Den:

DIY 2015 Calendar

Don’t forget to join us Monday, December 15th for our final week of Dare to DIY! The theme is Dare to Deck the Halls. Come to NewlyWoodwards to join the linkup bright and early Monday morning!



As for us over here at Casa Brown, this week was considerably merrier and brighter than last, and thanks for the commiseration on last week’s whining.

After spending a week and a half being desperately clingy and whiny and suffering nervous breakdowns if I wasn’t touching her at all times, Darcy finally regained a little independence mid-week. And although this picture, I just realized, doesn’t actually demonstrate any independence since she is still, in fact, clinging tightly to my body, at least she’s smiling about it instead of crying and drooling in my face like last week. As I type this, she’s actually playing. On her own. On the ground. Without requiring constant interaction. It’s a Christmas miracle.

Despite the recovery—both in health and clinginess—she and Forrest still spent a lot of time on the couch this week. An actual question: you know those moms who don’t allow their kids to watch TV? In all seriousness: what do you do when your kids are sick and whiny and grouchy, if they aren’t staring zombie-like at the TV? Because in our house, grouchy sickies pretty much get a free pass for all-day media consumption. I’m not saying it’s a good way to parent . . . but I can only handle so much whining.

And I’ll wrap things up with Forrozt, who wrote his name all by himself this week for the first time. After a slightly rocky start, he loves preschool, and it seems to be loving him back. I think we both regret signing up for the 2 day per week class instead of the 3 day per week class. Lesson learned for next year.

Have a great weekend, and I’ll see you Monday at Newly Woodwards!


  1. Whoa that tassel bracelet is super cool! What a great feature! Beckett has been super clingy too. I think it's because his teachers at Mother's Day Out hold him 90% of the time. It almost makes the 2 days a week he goes not worth it. Almost.


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