Maybe Matilda: Deep Thoughts with Forrest #9

Friday, January 23, 2015

Deep Thoughts with Forrest #9

I put on a movie for Forrest to watch while I took a shower and got ready. When I came downstairs a while later . . .
Forrest: You all done getting ready, Mama?
Me: Yep.
Forrest: (turning to look at me) Whoa! You look so beautiful!!!
Me: That is such a nice thing to say! Thank you, Forrest!
Forrest: Has no one ever told you that thing before?

Jeff helping Forrest with the TV.
Jeff: Push a button on the remote. Just push any button.
Forrest: But where is the ‘any’ button?!

We went to church with my mom a few weeks ago, and Forrest went with her to the Sunday School class she teaches to the 16 and 17 year old kids. There were 3 boys in attendance that day, and after they (very nicely!) spent a few minutes chatting with Forrest, he turned to my mom and . . .
Forrest: (in a very loud stage whisper) Are these guys boys or mans??

Deep Thoughts with Forrest #9 //

Forrest: Mama, did you know that everybody gets scared sometimes?
Me: Even Daddy?
Forrest: Welllll . . . no, Daddy does not get scared, because he has a lot of guns.

In the car, listening to Taylor Swift.
Forrest: (dramatic sigh) I wish the people on the radio were REAL.
Me: They are real . . . we just don’t know them.
Forrest: Really?! That is cool!
Me: Yep. Do you wish you knew Taylor Swift?
Forrest: No. I wish I knew Carrie (Underwood). Do you know where Carrie lives? Can we go to her house to play?
Dream big, little buddy. And also, good taste.

Deep Thoughts with Forrest #9 //

Forrest: Can I have some milk?
Me: Sure.
Forrest: No, wait!! I want CHOCOLATE milk! Can I have that?
Me: Ok.
Forrest: Do you know how to make it? Because if you don't know how to make it, I can have regular milk.
Me: I think I can handle it.
Forrest: Are you sure? Are you SUUUURE you know how to make it? Maybe you should just get me regular milk.
Such confidence in my kitchen abilities!

We had a neighbor girl babysit recently. Before we left, I asked if she had any questions, and she said she’d be fine—she just lives up the street and she said she’d call her mom for help if she had any trouble. The next morning:
Me: Did you have fun with Elizabeth last night, Forrest?
Forrest: Yes!! I love Elizabeth!!
Me: Oh, good! What did you guys do together?
Forrest: We played Legos, and she gave me a snack, and she called her mom one time, and she tucked me into bed!
Me: (worried about the call to her mom—maybe something happened that she didn’t tell me about?) Oh yeah? What did she say on the phone to her mom?
Forrest: Elizabeth called her mom and she saided, “MOM! OH NO! DARCY CRAPPED ALL OVER HER SHIRT!!!”

Deep Thoughts with Forrest #9 //

Upon spotting a box of maxi pads being purchased by someone ahead of us in line at Walmart . . .
Forrest: (loudly) What’s she buying? Are those for her BUTT?? Because they look like DIAPERS.

Forrest: What does frenemy mean?
Me: . . . what?
Forrest: I said what does FRENEMY mean?
Me: Um, I guess it means someone who is sort of your friend, but doesn’t treat you very nicely.
Forrest: Hm.
Me: Does that make sense?
Forrest: But in Toy Story, why do they say, ‘you’ve got a frenemy’??


  1. I just sat and laaauughed out loud. These are my favs!! Are those for her butt? Oh goodness, this is just the best.

  2. Haha! The frenemy comment is priceless! I love how kids always have their own lyrics for songs :)

  3. Remember before Forrest was talking we'd wonder what kind of goobery things he'd say? Yep, these all seem about right.

  4. These posts are always the highlight of my week when they appear. I love that he told on his babysitter. I'm so excited for my baby to talk so she can say awesome things. Or at least to start smiling. Smiling would be good...

  5. Frenemy...oh my goodness! That is awesome!
    When my sister was 3 years old she asked my parents what "flash-uh-die" meant.
    They were baffled and asked what she was talking about. She said: "When we pray at night we say:
    Now I lay me down to sleep-
    I pray the Lord my soul to keep-
    Flash-uh-die before I wake-
    I pray the Lord my soul to take."
    (Turns out she was always saying "If I should die" really fast and she thought it was "flash-uh-die.") :)

  6. can't*breathe*laughingtoohard! That.was.awesome. hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Frenemy!! Hahaha. Such a prefect mis-hearing. What a cute kid. These are my favorite posts. He's at the best age for saying ridiculous things!

  8. Frenemy!!! He is so flipping funny. does one train their child to pay them compliments without fishing for them? Lol. Maybe Crue is just a late bloomer on that skill because it has never. Happened. :'(


  10. Love. I can't wait until deep thoughts with Dawcy. :)

  11. These ALWAYS make me laugh. After a terrible morning at work, this was the highlight of my day so far. Keep em coming!

  12. Ha! It is a rarity, but always adorable.


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