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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

More Favorite Drugstore Beauty

I don’t even want to experience the more expensive end of the spectrum when it comes to beauty products. I hear people express their deep love for $30 eyeshadows and $25 lipsticks and $40 mascaras, and I believe them! I’m sure those products are fantastic, and worth all of the (many!!) pennies they cost.

But as long as I don’t know what I’m missing, as long as I carry on with my lowly drugstore makeup collection, I’ll just be happy with my inexpensive product collection and never know the difference.

(See some of my other drugstore favorites in THIS post.)

Save money with awesome drugstore makeup and beauty products! Here are some favorite products from

1. L’Oreal Pop Balm in Fiery Red: I love the idea of wearing a classic, timeless red lipstick, but every time I try one, I feel like it’s too bold for me. I’m baby stepping toward a red lip with this lip balm, which is called ‘fiery red’ but isn’t really all that ‘fiery,’ in my opinion. It’s a nice, classic red, but very sheer and lightweight and not-scary. One day I’ll work up to a strong red lip . . . unless Forrest shames me out of it.

2. Detangling Brush: I’ve heard so much praise for the Tangle Teezer that I bought one for my sister for Christmas (she suffers from chronically tangled hair), then bought a knockoff version for myself for $4 at Ross recently (I could have sworn it was made by Bed Head, but I can’t find it anywhere online, so maybe I’m wrong!). They really are amazing at getting tangles out of wet or dry hair without any tugging or pulling, and I lose so much less hair when I use it compared with a wide-toothed comb or brush. I’m going to guess that if you have daughters who protest having their hair brushed, this would be a great item to make mornings easier.

3. John Frieda Repairing Oil Elixir: In my last drugstore favorites post, I sang the praises of a different John Frieda oil elixir. I liked that one a lot, but when it ran out I picked up this one, and I like it even better. It’s more lightweight than the previous product, and I think it smells better and gives more shine. I use 1-2 pumps on damp hair, another 1-2 pumps after blow-drying, and occasionally another half pump after straightening or curling. This is probably way more than Mr. Frieda intended anyone to use at any one time, but I love the stuff.

4. Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner Pencil: 9 times out of 10, when a makeup product runs out, I try a different brand in an endless search for the best product. But I’ve re-purchased this same eyeliner 4 or 5 times in a row now without feeling any need to continue searching for a better one. It goes on smoothly with great, deep pigment, and stays put all day. I buy it in Black Brown.

5. Carmex Lip Balm: At any given time, day or night, I can almost guarantee you I’m wearing a big thick layer of Carmex on my lips. I’ve bought and used it faithfully for years, and unless I’m going out and opting for a little color, I rarely put anything else on. I love the tingle when I first apply it, and I think it has the perfect amount of moisture, slickness, and shine. I wear it over bare lips, or put a layer on over lipstick for a little extra shine. I always have at least 2 or 3 tubes stashed around my house and in my purse. My favorite is the original flavor that comes in the tube.

6. Glamoflauge Heavy Duty Concealer: I’ve seen this touted as one of the most hardcore concealers you can get at the drugstore, and supposedly it’s even serious enough to cover tattoos. I don’t know about that (I don’t have any tattoos to test it on), but I really, really like it. It goes on nicely, blends well, and handles my under-eye circles and around-the-nose redness. I think it’s a bit pricey for a drugstore product (about $12), but I’ve had my tube for at least a year and it’s still 2/3rds full (a little bit of this concealer goes a long, long way). It also comes with a little concealer pencil, which I have never used.

What are some of your favorite drugstore beauty products? I keep a running list of items I want to try, so I’d love to hear your favorites!


  1. speaking of detanglers... i love, love, love dove hair therapy.

    as my hair has been getting longer, this stuff has become more and more necessary, and it's amazing. even when i have a horrible rat's nest on my head, a few sprays of this (i gather my hair into my fist and put it over one shoulder, spray three times, put it over the other shoulder, spray three times, and then spray 2-4 times on the top - depending on how tangled my hair is), and the brush goes through smoothly. it seriously is incredible. and it has a nice mild smell too.

  2. Carmex! I love that stuff! I have at least five tubes stashed anywhere I could want one. I am a big fan of Loreal voluminous mascara. I've tried most of the variations and the original one is the best.

  3. i thought i left this comment earlier, but when i looked again it was gone. hopefully it's not a repeat somehow, i don't want to be obnoxious!

    anyway, i am in love with dove hair therapy -

    it's an awesome detangler. as my hair has been getting longer and longer, this stuff has been magic. even when i have a horrible rat's nest on my head after washing my hair in the sink (long story), some sprays of this stuff, and my brush is gliding through. it's magic!

  4. I'm always hearing people say how much they love Loreal Voluminous! That's what I'm using at the moment, and I'm undecided. I really didn't care for it the first week or so, but now I'm liking it--I think it's more wet than most mascaras I've used, and it's taken some getting used to. I usually use Covergirl mascaras, which I think aren't nearly as wet. I have wimpy eyelashes. Wet mascaras are tough for me to work with!

  5. Ditto! I figure if I don't know the difference, I won't get sucked into spending a small fortune on makeup every few months :-P

    If you remember the brand of that eyeliner, I'd love to hear it! A liquid eyeliner is my one and only pricey makeup purchase of my life, and every single time I use it, I wonder if it was really worth the money!

  6. That sounds amazing! Putting it on my shopping list!

  7. Found it! It's called L.A. Colors. Every time I'm in the dollar store, I buy like 3-4 packages of it because you never know if/when they're going to stop carrying it, LOL! I really like it. I put it on at 6:30 in the morning and it's still there at bedtime! And like I said, it must be gentle because it hasn't bothered my sensitive eyes at all. :)

  8. I've found I love something heavy to beef up my lashes lol. I do find I need to wipe the tip off every time to prevent smudges. You could try the Voluminous Million lashes. It has a different brush so it goes on lighter.

  9. I'm going to give that one a try! Thanks!

  10. I recently learned how amazing Cetaphil moisturizer is. I am paranoid about what I put on my face, as I'm just getting over some hormonal acne from baby #2, and suffer from adult acne in general. I bought a huge tub of the moisturizing cream (20oz.) on Amazon, and it's to die for. I mix it in my palm with some liquid foundation (Loreal True Match! It's great!) and my face is perfectly moisturized for the day. It's super for sensitive skin, and has no scent. I also use it on my 3 year old, and my 4 month old!

  11. Yes! I love the Cetaphil cream, too! I use it every day, and it's the only product that's made much of a difference on Forrest's eczema. It's amazing! I'm going to try mixing it with my foundation--I bet it goes on like a dream.

  12. I ditched lipsticks for good after I discovered Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer (about $4.99). It's got peppermint oil which gives that tingle-y sensation when applied. Lots of luscious colors and I have 6-7 of them. It just feels great on my lips and doesn't have a heavy waxy feeling. For my lip balm it's Burt's Bees lip balm (a little more than $3) use all different kinds and the original beeswax one. Lips feel lush and hydrated without spending a fortune. They go with me everyday, all day!

  13. Oooh, I'm going to try that lip shimmer. I had a tinted lip balm from Burt's Bees years ago and really liked it--I forgot all about it until reading your comment.

  14. They are great and I think you'll love them! Thanks for posting about that hair detangler thingy. I need one of those badly!

  15. My hair is anxiously awaiting the arrival on the tangle teezer I ordered :-)


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