Maybe Matilda: Deep Thoughts with Forrest #10

Friday, March 6, 2015

Deep Thoughts with Forrest #10

Deep Thoughts with Forrest

Forrest: Will you get married someday, Mama?
Me: I already did get married. It was a long time ago, before you were born.
Forrest: Oh! Really?!
Me: Yep. Do you know who I married?
Forrest: (thinks)
Me: Do you need a hint? It’s someone I love a lot.
Forrest: . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . Bekah? (my sister)

Forrest: Daddy, I love you a LOT LOT LOT.
Jeff: Thanks Forrest! I love you too.
Forrest: Yep.
Jeff: Do you know what it means to love someone?
Forrest: It means you protect them--
Jeff: –that’s actually really smart--
Forrest: –with your guns.
Jeff: . . . huh.

from the backseat of the car
Forrest: Some animals live underwater!
Forrest: Well, thanks for joining me for my science show.
An extensive science knowledge! ONE fact.

Deep Thoughts with Forrest

drawing a picture and pretending to write at the top of the paper
Forrest: I drew this for Darcy! Do you know what this says?
Me: No, what does it say?
Forrest: It says, ‘Sometimes I get mad at you, but I still love you Darcy.’

Forrest: My friend at preschool is named Caleb. Do you know how to spell ‘Caleb?’
Me: Yes, I think so. Do you?
Forrest: Yes. Caleb is spelled with a L – E – G – O.  And that spells Caleb.
Me: Well, no, that does not spell Caleb, but did you know you just spelled the word ‘Lego?’
Forrest: No, I don’t think so. I spelled Caleb.
Me: . . . ok.

Deep Thoughts with Forrest

Forrest: What are you making for dinner?
Me: Chicken Yakisoba.
Forrest: Chicken yucky soda?!
Me: No, it’s chicken yakisoba.
Forrest: I don’t like things that have yucky in them!!!
Me: . . . ok, it’s actually called chicken yummysoba.
Forrest: Oh. Ok, I guess that’s fine.

Darcy has this high-pitched, excited squeal/scream, and she was doing it over and over and overandover while Forrest was playing, and after asking her to be quiet a few times, he got frustrated.
Forrest: Daw-see!!! Stop screaming!!
Darcy: (screams)
Forrest: (dramatic sigh) DAWSEE. I know you are trying your best but you have GOT to STOP THAT.
Wonder where he’s heard that before . . . ? #angelmother

Deep Thoughts with Forrest

After a sleepover at my mom’s
Forrest: (sigh) I just wish I could live with Grandma at her house.
Me: I would miss you too much if you lived with Grandma!
Forrest: Well maybe you could just find some other kid to come live with you.

Forrest: You look GORGE!
Forrest: (whispering) Psst, that is what they say on the Barbie TV show. It means the word ‘gorgeous.’

After Valentine’s Day, Forrest was SUPER excited to have a Valentine’s puppy tattoo on the back of each hand. We stopped at the grocery store, and he was very eager to share his tattoo joy with everyone he saw.
Forrest: (pointing at a lady in the same aisle as us) Mama, can I go show her my tattoos?
Me: No, don’t bother anyone.
moments later, in an other aisle
Forrest: Can I go bother that lady? I want her to see my tattoos.
Me: No.
moments later, in another aisle
Forrest: Can I go bother her?
Me: No.
Forrest: But if I don’t bother SOMEONE, then NO ONE will see my tattoos!!! WHO CAN I BOTHER???


  1. I'm so glad he thought we were married. And that he thinks you're a crazy lady that snatches children to live prisoner with her. Heeheehee.

  2. Oh my gosh. These posts never last long enough. I love your children, they are hilarious!!! I can't wait until Darcy gets older so she can join in on the fun. haha Remember that I will offer free babysitting anytime you are in New England. Because it would basically be like going to a comedy bit. ;)

  3. It's gonna be great when he's all grown up and you show these posts to his girlfriend...hehehehe!
    I just love these posts and could read them all day.

  4. Omg, hilarious! I laughed out loud at the bit with the #angelmom. Forrest is so funny! 😃

  5. Hahaha, I have a Caleb and surprisingly I have never considered spelling his name L-E-G-O. I should though because he loves L-E-G-O's.

  6. These never fail to make my day so much better. Particularly the "gorge" story, along with who you married. Seriously, this kid = next stand up comedian. ;)

  7. I'm just flattered that he thought you would have me ;-)

  8. Haha! Next time I am in New England . . .

  9. "I know it's spelled LEGO, but they are all silent--it's pronounced 'Caleb.'"


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