Maybe Matilda: Friday Lists: 5 Tempting Lemon Recipes for Spring

Friday, March 27, 2015

Friday Lists: 5 Tempting Lemon Recipes for Spring

Quick note: in my reader survey, someone suggested adding a weekly ‘favorites’ post, similar to the Pretty Life Girls and their Five Things Friday series. I thought it was a fun idea, so I’m going to start doing a weekly Friday List with a different theme every week, from recipes to products to movies to, I dunno, cutest baby animals? So this is the first round, and we’ll see if it sticks. List theme ideas will be welcomed enthusiastically!

I’ve been craving lemon in a serious way lately (and for those prepared to read too much into things: no, not pregnant).

I was browsing through my recent pins on Pinterest and realized that about 90% of the desserts I’ve pinned recently have involved lemon. You know a craving means business when it completely overtakes your Pinterest boards. For today’s Friday List, 5 lemon recipes that I am very eager to try.

5 yummy lemon recipes for spring

1. Lemonade Chex MixPut basically anything into a snack mix and I’m game. This chex mix from Somewhat Simple with white chocolate and lemon zest looks downright addictive.

2. Creamy Lemon Ice CreamI am totally regretting packing away my ice cream maker to clear up kitchen space for our home showings.  This ice cream from Give Recipe looks so smooth and refreshing.

3. Lemon Sugar CookiesFor most of my life, I wanted nothing to do with homemade sugar cookies (the store bought Lofthouse kind were another story, of course). But in college, a roommate’s perfectly soft and chewy homemade sugar cookies completely changed my tune, and now I can’t get enough. This version from Cooking Classy with lemon in both the cookies and frosting looks delicious.

4. Lemon Blueberry Cheesecake BarsIf Jeff ever requests a dessert, it’s cheesecake. These cheesecake bars from Creative Savings Blog look divine, with a homemade graham cracker crust and berry-citrus filling.

5. Glazed Lemon Sticky BunsI fell hard for the perfect cinnamon rolls from Mel’s Kitchen Cafe months ago, so I’m fully prepared to trust her when it comes to any sweet roll. With lemon filling and lemon cream cheese frosting, these look like the perfect recipe for a spring weekend breakfast.

Do you have a favorite lemon recipe? I’d love to hear it.

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