Maybe Matilda: Baby Hair x2

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Baby Hair x2

After spending 18 months sporting the skimpiest, sparsest, and wispiest of peach fuzz atop her noggin, Darcy’s hair is starting to grow in really nicely. I gave her her first haircut a few weeks ago, and am kicking myself for not taking glamour shots of her mullet before I lopped it off. I’m sure you’ve seen the look, though—male pattern baldness on the top, wispy on the sides, and a glorious mullet in the back. A very popular look for the under 2 crowd.

I am probably not qualified to be giving my children haircuts, but that hasn’t slowed me down yet. And a weensy mullet trim seemed like something that I could probably handle myself, and luckily it came out fine. I didn’t touch it anywhere else—just took about an inch off the mullet (which flipped up adorably on its own for pictures—very Mrs. Brady-esque, don’t you think?).

trimmed baby mullet

She has a good amount of hair in the mullet region, and a fair amount right at the top of her head, but next to nothing around the front and sides, so I can’t really do anything to style her hair other than slap a headband on. We’ll get there. She usually doesn’t mind wearing headbands, and absolutely loves getting her hair brushed. Almost as much as she loves brushing it herself.

 baby hair

Never one to let a child steal the spotlight, I am also pleased to report that my postpartum hair loss is growing back in, in a terrifically bizarre-looking way. Darcy is not the only one cultivating a crop of wispy, scraggly baby hairs.

postpartum hair loss yo

I’m not sure how what ‘typical’ postpartum hair loss looks like (if there is such a thing), but I seem to have lost basically all of the hair around my face, which is now growing back in thin and uneven and, best of all, gray. I’ve always had some little baby hairs around my hairline, but this is just nuts. Even my hairstylist, who is absolutely the sweetest, kindest soul walking the earth, commented on it at my last haircut: “WOW, you lost a LOT of hair after Darcy was born, huh?” Yes. I really did.

wicked postpartum hair loss

^ apparently it is bad enough that Darcy would rather poke out her own eyeballs than look at it.

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