Maybe Matilda: Friday List guest post by Forrest: Favorite Baby Animals

Friday, April 10, 2015

Friday List guest post by Forrest: Favorite Baby Animals

Sweet, tender-hearted Forrest dissolved into a puddle of giggles over a book about baby animals recently, so I thought I’d let him take over for this week’s Friday list. Please welcome Forrest in his blogging debut as he shares his 5 favorite baby animals, presented below with his commentary.

cutest baby animals by forrest

Image sources: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

1. Baby Pig - “He’s so cute when he’s playing his violin!!” (Me: I think that’s a guitar.) “No, it is a violin, and his favorite music to play on his violin is ‘rocker.’”

2. Baby Cow - “Did you know baby cows like to snuggle with their mama cows?! It is very so sweet, and that is why they are my favorite. I like the white baby cows best!”

3. Baby Kitten - “All the baby kittens are very very cute, but the orange baby kittens are THE CUTEST ONES. That one is having fun playing in the gwass. He is a sweet kitty!!”

4. Baby Fox – (Me: Why do you like baby foxes?) “I don’t know. He is just so cute. I just like him and his big big ears.”

5. Baby Giraffe – “Oh dear, that giraffe is drinking from a bottle?! He is like a real person baby!!! He is like Daw-see!”


“Okay, bye!! I am going to watch shows now!!” -- Forrest

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