Maybe Matilda: Progress on my MMD 2015 Reading Challenge

Monday, May 18, 2015

Progress on my MMD 2015 Reading Challenge

As a former child who regularly killed it during library summer reading challenges, I have to admit that I’ve missed participating in that sort of thing. So I was excited to jump on board when Modern Mrs. Darcy posted her 2015 reading challenge at the start of the year: 12 books, 12 categories, 12 months. You can see the full challenge HERE and read all about it.

I loved that her categories gave some structure, but left plenty of wiggle room to choose books I was most excited about. I’m actually nearly done with the challenge already (I’m sure the idea was to tackle one category per month, but I got ahead of myself, as I often do when books are involved), so I thought I’d post an update on what books I’ve read to fit into each category, and what I’m planning to read for upcoming categories.

Book ideas and reviews for 2015 reading

Check mark symbol1) A book you’ve been meaning to read: Gone With the Wind (Margaret Mitchell). I read this in high school, but have been meaning to re-read it for years. I finally finished it this month and loved it. I’m not sure I actually remembered anything about it from my initial read-- it felt brand new. More to come at the end of the month in my reading recap post.

Check mark symbol2) A book published this year: First Frost (Sarah Addison Allen) I generally don’t keep up with new releases (too overwhelmed by my current to-read list to keep an eye out for new ones!), but I loved Garden Spells and have been excitedly waiting for a sequel. I reviewed First Frost HERE.

Check mark symbol3) A book in a genre you don’t typically read: The Devil in the White City (Erik Larson) I think it’s safe to say that historical non-fiction is entirely out of my typical reading zone. I read this for a book club recently and loved it. I reviewed it HERE.

4) A book from your childhood: planning to read Anne of Green Gables (L.M. Montgomery) I haven’t started yet, but I was so sad to hear about the death of Jonathan Crombie (who played Gilbert Blythe—my first love!), and re-reading Anne just seems like the right thing to do.

5) A book your mom loves: I am torn between To Kill a Mockingbird (Harper Lee) and The Secret Garden (Frances Hodgson Burnett). When I asked my mom for recommendations, she rattled off about 5 classics, so I have a bit of narrowing down to do in this category.

Check mark symbol6) A book that was originally written in a different language: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (Jules Verne) I struggled to find a book to fit this category, then it fell into my lap as a book club selection. Buuuut I did not care for it at all.

Check mark symbol7) A book ‘everyone’ has read but you: The Gifts of Imperfection (Brene Brown) I saw this book reviewed and recommended over and over again on blogs and from friends, and I felt like I must be the last person to pick it up! I thought it was a great book with lots of amazing insight, although it left me feeling a little lost—like all my issues had been spread out on the table for me to analyze and fret over, but I wasn’t sure what to do to fix them. I think I need therapy. Full book review HERE.

8) A book you chose because of the cover: I don’t have anything chosen for this category yet. Waiting for something to jump out at me during a library visit!

Check mark symbol9) A book by a favorite author: Alias Grace (Margaret Atwood) I’ve loved Margaret Atwood since being bowled over by The Handmaid’s Tale in high school (and again more recently!), and have read quite a few of her novels (some with greater success than others). I had mixed feelings about Alias Grace—you can see my review HERE. I also picked up Birds Without Wings from the library this week—it’s a perfect fit for this category, too, since I love with a capitol L Corelli’s Mandolin. I’m excited to start it!

Check mark symbol10) A book recommended by someone with great taste: Summers at Castle Auburn (Sharon Shinn) Two of my very well-read cousins gave this book great reviews on Goodreads, which made it a perfect fit for this category. With a little magic, a little romance, and a little castle intrigue, it was right up my alley. See my review HERE.

11) A book you should have read in high school: I’m undecided here . . . considering Brave New World or The Great Gatsby. Other recommendations welcome! I’m finding this category a little intimidating, mostly because ‘should have read in high school’ instantly makes me think, ‘dodged a bullet by not having to read this in high school.’

Check mark symbol12) A book that’s currently on the bestseller list: The Girl on the Train (Paula Hawkins) Reminiscent of Gone Girl (but with significantly less stick-with-you creep factor), this was fast and exciting and hard to put down. See my review HERE.

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