Maybe Matilda: Deep Thoughts with Forrest #13

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Deep Thoughts with Forrest #13

deep thoughts with forrest

Forrest: Do you know what my heart does when you kiss me?
Me: What?
Forrest: It shines.

Amy Grant comes on the radio--Baby Baby.
Me: Do you hear this song, Forrest? I used to like this song when I was a little girl. (pause) What do you think of it?
Forrest: Weeeeelllll, it is definitely NOT my favorite.

Forrest: Have you ever seen a mermaid?
Me: Not in real life, no.
Forrest: I have, so I will tell you what they look like. They have very long tails, and very long hair, and they wear two little seashells on their two little boobies.

deep thoughts with forrest

While being babysat by my mom,
Forrest: (inspecting) Grandma, why do you have that wrinkly skin all over your body?
Grandma: . . . I guess it's because I'm getting old :-(
Forrest: Old! But I do not want you to die!!

On the way to the hospital to see his brand new cousin, Katie, I kept referring to her as 'Baby Katie.'
Forrest: Is that her name?
Me: Baby Katie?
Forrest: Is her first name 'Baby,' and her last name 'Katie?'
Me: No, her name is Katie. I'm just calling her Baby Katie, because she's a baby.
Forrest: That's not right. Stop calling her that.

Seeing himself in the mirror, dressed up in his Sunday best for church.
Forrest: Wow! I look like a real handsome little guy! I'm so proud of me.

deep thoughts with forrest

My mom was telling me about a box of free kittens she saw in an office the other day, and I said I wanted to go get one.
Forrest: No! No, Mama, you can't! Do you know why? Because daddy is allergic to cats! So you can't have one!
Me: Well, that's not very nice of him.
Forrest: (thinks it over) No, it is not very nice, because you like cats. Maybe Daddy could just be allergic to a different animal instead. Maybe a lion or something?

Coming downstairs after quiet time.
Forrest: Do you know what I was doing during quiet time? I was pretending to be a hamster.
Me: Oh yeah?
Forrest: Yeah. A hamster is someone who watches the pool to make sure everyone is safe while they are swimming.
Me: . . . you mean a lifeguard?
Forrest: . . . ok fine.

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