Maybe Matilda: Friday List: Adorable Kids Swimsuits

Friday, June 5, 2015

Friday List: Adorable Kids Swimsuits

The joy of swimsuit shopping for myself, as an adult, imploded long, long ago (although this mommy swimsuit post gave me all the happy feels). Let's be honest, though: it was never a happy situation, even pre-pregnancy.

Thankfully, some swimsuit joy does still exist in shopping for the kids' suits. And I couldn't resist sharing some of my favorite picks for this summer.
5 adorable swimsuits for kids
1. Carters Surfer Dog Rash Guard Set // This is the only one of the bunch that we actually own (so far!). My sister actually found this one, and we ordered it for Forrest this year. It is every bit as cute in person. I love the fresh colors and the rash guard top (because that child is as ivory as ivory can possibly be--he needs all the sun protection help he can get, please and thank you), and he loves the "super cool surfer dogs!!!"

2. Baby Buns Americana Suit // I didn't realize I had something of an Independence Day theme going until I fell hard for this suit as well as #5 below. I love the colors, love that big red bow, and love that it has a loose, flowy cut on top. Perfect for keeping chunky baby tummies breezy and comfortable.

3. Ruffle Butts Polka Dot Rash Guard Set // I wasn't sure about the design of this one until I did a google image search and saw them on actual children. THE CUTENESS! The bums are so ruffly, the poky little tummies are so precious, and the color choices are perfect. Love it.

4. Boys Frog One Piece Swimsuit // I would bet actual money that Jeff would have vetoed this suit immediately, but I can't help myself, I think it's adorable. Stripes? Yes. Cheesy cartoon frog? Yes. ONE PIECE BOYS' BODYSUIT? TRIPLE YES.

5. Ruffle and Stars Bandeau Bikini // I'm picturing Darcy's big round belly poking out of this bikini, and I just can't even handle it. I love the classic colors, love the printed bottom paired with the ruffly top, and especially love the mental image of a sweet baby belly on display.

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