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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Long Pixie

*Before you get to reading about deep and important subjects like hair, and hair, pop over to Chelsea at Two Twenty One and listen to me embarrass myself on her podcast! Check it out HERE.*

Life is too short to stick with one haircut for long.

I'm averaging something like 8 weeks between major cuts lately . . . I'm going to run out of hair pretty soon.

But after a lengthy grow-out followed by a rather rapid descent back into short hair, this cut feels like coming home again. I'm not sure how to classify it--very short bob? Long-ish pixie? *shrug* 

Whatever it is, I'm enjoying it.

Asymmetrical Long Pixie

Cell phone pictures? Again? Yes. My goal is to keep your expectations for this blog so dangerously low that you'll be blown away if I ever step up my blogging game. 

I liked the asymmetrical look of my last haircut, but I found myself missing the total ease of shorter hair. My last cut--a more traditional bob length--was just long enough to still feel like a lot of work. 

So I gathered up some pictures and got what you see here. Very short, stacked layers in the back with jaw-length layering at the front, a little longer on one side than the other. Still a fair amount of styling variety compared to a more traditional pixie (I can fit in some braids or twists or curls around the front).

Long pixie cut

I have some leftover ombre color from a previous style. I'll be sad when it eventually gets trimmed off. I've always been hesitant to color my hair, partly because of the expense and commitment it requires, and partly because I like my natural dark brown and am scared to mess with a good thing. But this little hint of ombre has been really fun--and fairly inexpensive since it doesn't require the touchups that come with all-over color or traditional highlights.

Long Pixie with longer layers around face

Since someone usually asks--I have what my stylist calls "a medium amount of very fine hair," with a bit of wave to it. 

There have been a handful of requests for a styling tutorial from instagram friends (feel free to follow me there for more awkward selfies, if that's your jam). I truly cannot overemphasize how little I know about styling hair . . . but I'll see what I can do. This is the beauty of a short haircut, I think. With long hair, it's harder to fake being good at styling. With shorter hair, there's less room for error.

And just for fun, a little collage of my many hair lengths--top row is growing out the pixie, and bottom row is back-tracking into a shorter cut again. Three cheers for indecision! Sorry for the low quality photos--once again, cell phone collages. Pro blogger alert!!
Growing out a pixie cut, then cutting it short again

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