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Wednesday, October 21, 2015


I realized it's been a minute since I've just rambled pointlessly at you about random family happenings, and I'm sure you really miss that, right? So today, a bullet list post of our lives lately.
- Forrest fractured a bone in his foot a few weeks ago, and is going to need to spend some time brainstorming a more impressive story to tell people about his broken bone experience, because the reality was embarrassingly dull. He was running, tripped, and fell. Boom. Broken foot. I don't even understand how anything could have been fractured by such a commonplace occurrence (and I was sitting on the couch, watching him do it!). He spent a few weeks in a boot and is fully recovered now. He thought the whole experience was very exciting, and flirted shamelessly with all the nurses, doctors, radiologists, and receptionists he met in the hopes that one of them would change their mind about the boot and give an awesome red cast instead.

- The piglets have been introduced to Krispy Kreme and talk about it basically nonstop now. I am having a hard time turning down their requests for Krispy Kreme runs, especially since we live about 5 minutes away from them now and it is all too easy (and delicious) to just give in and get donuts rather than argue them into a more nutritious snack.
- A new used bookstore opened up a few minutes from my house. I am proud to say I haven't spent a whole lot of money there, but it isn't for lack of trying--the books are $1 each, so it'll take a while for me to make a good solid dent in our bank account. I'm making great progress though!!

- I'm sorry to say it, but Darcy has really pulled one over on you guys. People seem to think she's all sweetness and smiles when the truth is that a lurking demon has been awakened deep in her soul. Her terrible twos set in early and hard, and if anyone is looking to spend some quality time with a feisty, opinionated toddler, I have one you're welcome to borrow.

- Jeff (or Mr. Matilda, if you will) has been a busy little worker bee and has outgrown his current office space in a major way. A move/upgrade has been a long time coming for him and his practice, and we are super excited that it is finally underway. (Of course, we would be even more excited if we weren't the ones paying for the renovation of a new office space, but such is life.) I don't want to show any pictures until it's finished, but that little autumn scene up there was taken out of the window of the new location. Not too shabby. It's going to be an awesome office, and I can't wait to get it all finished up. For now, it is sapping all of my life force, and these renovation price tags make me want to cry. Send chocolate.

- I cut my hair quite a few weeks ago, and have been embarrassing myself tremendously with far too many selfies on Instagram. I suppose the new hair will probably get its own post here because that's exactly the sort of silly thing I'm always going on about online, so hang on, I'm sure that post is waiting in the wings.

What have you been up to lately?

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