Maybe Matilda: The Nuggets' Christmas Sunday Outfits

Monday, December 21, 2015

The Nuggets' Christmas Sunday Outfits

When I was little, my sister and I always got new matching dresses to wear to church for Easter and Christmas. I'm happy to carry on the tradition as best I can with my kids.

We're also creating our own family tradition of being late to church every week because Mama needs pictures of her babies in front of the garage door. It's nice to have special traditions during this time of year.

christmas kids outfits

Believe it or not, the stylish mittens you see here were not actually meant to be part of their outfits. But you can only make so many requests (demands) before these two are pushed into an irreversible meltdown, and I had already taken away the beloved pacifier, so the mittens stayed. And Darcy insisted on wearing hers for her nap, and to bed last night. Because mittens.

christmas kids outfits

Darcy's adorable little dress is not the most Christmas-y Christmas dress ever, but I love that it is versatile. She'll be able to wear it all through the winter and into spring and summer without it looking too seasonal. I found this dress on sale at The Children's Place a few weeks ago, and ordered it in a 3T. Darcy just turned 2, but she's quite tall and outgrowing most of her 2T stuff already, and I wanted to make sure she had a little room to grow with this one. It's a bit big in the bodice, but not bad. I think it was $12 when I bought it, but is now marked down to $9.

christmas outfits

Forrest's pants are also from The Children's Place. We have a really hard time finding pants that fit him. He has a nice big round tummy, and it's been very tough to find pants that will button around his belly, without looking too big in the legs. We finally had luck with size 5 husky jeans and chinos from The Children's Place. He's so excited to have pants that fit him comfortably now!

I made his bow tie a few years ago, and was glad to see that it still fits (and coordinates perfectly with Darcy's red tights).

christmas outfits

Do you do the matchy-matchy look for Christmas, too?

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