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Friday, March 4, 2016

New House Tour

I've got a few pictures to share with you today of our new house! I wish with all my heart that I had taken more/better pictures before we moved in, because I really want to show it to you empty before I start sharing any of our decor ideas. I saved the photos from the MLS listing, but I'm worried some psycho will reverse image search them, find the address, and come murder me in my bed.

So instead of that highly appealing option, I proudly present: cell phone snaps taken over a month ago!

Please don't come murder us, mmkay?

We didn't have anything to do with the building process, but this house is a new build. Kind of fun to have something fresh and new without having to make any of the tough decisions or deal with any stressful waiting. It's a rambler style with all the main living on one level, plus a large unfinished walkout basement.

We'll start with my favorite room in the house: the kitchen.

house tour: white kitchen

White cabinetry is my love language. I love how bright and fresh this space looks, and I'm crazy about the tongue and groove ceiling. 

Also: DOUBLE OVENS!!! I remember saying to Jeff when we looked at the house that they felt like a bit of a waste, and I thought I'd probably only need to use them on holidays. FALSE. I have used them quite a few times already in the (not even) two weeks we've been here, and they're amazing.

I don't think I really understand the framed accent tile over the stove top -- I can't say it's my favorite part of the house, but honestly, I'll probably never bother changing it. My plan is just to hang something in the middle of it and call it a day.

white kitchen

The doors on the right open onto a deck. The lot is sloped, so the front door is at ground level, but the back of the house here is the height of a second story. The deck overlooks a nice lake view, and I think we'll really enjoy it in the summer. The closer doorway on the left leads to a small mudroom area, the laundry room, a half bath, and the garage. The farther left door is the pantry.

Backing up a bit, this is the view from the entryway into the living room and kitchen area. Of course I bought the first house I could find that was constructed of more windows than walls. Love me some natural light. That stair rail you see at the left leads down into an unfinished basement -- we'll save up and tackle that project in a few years.

living room

And from the other direction, you can see the entry, the stairs going to the basement, and a lovely board and batten wall. And also my little helper, measuring the living room for me.

house tour

Directly off the entry is a smaller room that I am extremely excited about. It's too small to be a family room, and I'm not sure what the builders meant it to be used as (probably an office, or small sitting room for visitors?). Whatever their plans were, I've been waiting forever to make a little reading nook in a house, and I'm finally getting it here. Welcome to my library room.

house tour

Nice big windows on one side, and we'll be adding built in bookshelves along the opposite wall (on the right in the picture below). I'll add a couple big cozy chairs and reading lamps, a few little side tables. I'M SO EXCITED. I made sure Jeff realized that building a library room will only encourage me to buy books much more frequently. We have an understanding that many new books will need to be purchased. #happydance

house tour

I don't have any pictures of bedrooms or bathrooms (which are down a hallway on the opposite side of the entry from this room), so those will have to wait until they're all set up and ready to share. So this is a brief and partial tour, but it's a start, at least! Thanks for visiting our new house with us :-)

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