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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dreaming of spring

I think it's time winter moved along . . . it has definitely worn out its welcome 'round these parts. I suppose I shouldn't be complaining, because here in Iowa it isn't as bone-chillingly cold as it has been in previous winters, but I'm still definitely looking forward to spring and taking walks outside without losing feeling in my hands and feet, going to bed wearing less than 4 layers of pajamas, and maybe seeing the sun ever again (it turns gray here in, oh, October, and stays that way until May).

I'm self-diagnosing a serious case of spring fever thanks to some of these gorgeous Etsy finds . . .

A gorgeous pillow cover with hand-embroidered daisies from Misash. I've had my eye on this shop since they opened . . . such beautiful embroidery and really affordable. I want, I neeeeeed. I think I might feel a little better about nothing but gloomy gray skies for a few more months if I had such a happy pillow on my sofa.

Don't you love this ribbon belt from No144? I'm definitely not a very snappy dresser in the spring and summer . . . how creative can you get when it's a billion degrees outside and you're sweating before you're even out the door? But this would make even a tee and capris look cute. I want one. But I don't want to spend $46 for it, so I'll be making one myself, thankyouverymuch.

I'm not sure earrings can get much cuter than these from Made By Jewls. I picked this pair almost at random to include here because I love all of her earrings and felt like I was hurting the others' feelings by choosing a favorite. Don't worry, little earring friends, I love you all equally. And they're $4.95. That price is in dollars. Hello!

I love everything about these bird bowls made by Prince Design UK . . . I love the colors, I love the shape, I love the detail . . . they are just lovely, and I'm not sure I would ever feel okay actually using something so adorable. I would tell them stories and tuck them into bed at night so they knew how much I loved them.

I am completely smitten by the Trinity dress from Modern Kids . . . yes, it's for little girls. Yes, I want it for myself. Really, really badly. I'm thinking seriously about sewing myself a closet full of dresses for the summer. I love dresses something fierce, but have trouble finding dresses that are modest enough (why are they all so short? and none of them have sleeves! I want sleeves!), and then the ones that I feel covered enough in are crazy expensive (hi, Anthropologie, my name is Rachel and you're the popular girl at school who laughs at my brown bag lunches. I'll never be as cool as you and your dress department.), so I'm thinking of trying to sew them myself. We'll see how it goes.

Anyway, now you can wipe down your keyboard (is it soaked in drool like mine was after looking at all those pretty things?) and do the little spring dance and hope the gods of weather take pity on us and bring a swift end to winter.


  1. I too love all the items that are embroidered in that shop! And those earrings. Super cute! Spring time is always one of my favorite's because it's my birthday time too! :) Stupid Iowa weather!

  2. I agree, winter has worn out it's welcome in chilly T.O.! I'm loving the splash of colors here. Great etsy finds!

  3. Your picks are devine! Love the hint of color plus the texture is yummy ;-)



  4. It's almost here. And about time. Nice collection of springiness!

  5. @Sarah

    Sarah, I LOVE your blog! Frederiech is so handsome :-)

  6. Ohhhh, love that pillow and the bird bowls!!! I too am SO ready for spring! It's still so cold here in Chicago.

    I'm from Etsy Bloggers Team and am now following you. :)



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