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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Little Love Bear

You might remember reading a post I wrote recently about A Kure for Krystle--a young mom currently fighting a rare form of cancer (you can visit her blog here and donate here to help out).

I've wondered, as I've read about this family, how Krystle's 3-year old daughter, Kloe, is handling her mom's illness. I thought maybe she could use a friend to help her through this frightening time . . . a little friend with a big heart.
I used the Heartfelt Bear amigurumi pattern from Lion Brand Yarn to make this little bear. I was very happy with how she turned out--simple, sweet, and cuddly, with just the right amount of heart.
Amigurumi patterns are always so fun and satisfying to make . . . they're usually pretty quick to work up, and there's something so snuggly and lovable about little crocheted toys! I bought the Nelson the Owl pattern from Fresh Stitches to make my little boy for Christmas, and working on this bear got me excited to get to work on a cute Mr. Owl! Now to find the time to stitch him up . . .

If you're looking for some cute amigurumi patterns to try out, here are a few that have caught my eye (all of these patterns are free!):
1: snowman, 2: dog, 3: reindeer, 4: alien

Have you tried out any amigurumi patterns? Will you be making anyone an amigurumi crochet friend for Christmas?


  1. Very cute! I've made some bears I found in a book, I'd tell you which one except I'd have to find it, and I'm tired, but it was shapped alot like a bowling pen, then with long arms and legs. We are on a no new stuffed toys kick right now so if I make any they will be for outside my home.

  2. That bear is darling!!

    I am not talented enough to attempt these...yet.

  3. That was very thoughtful of you to make that sweet bear. You do a beautiful job with all your projects.

  4. Oh my, too cute!

    That was so sweet of you to make her such an adorable bear... with a big heart.

    I need to relearn how to crotch-it. End.of.story.

  5. aww, that's so sweet of you! You will love making the owl, it's a fun pattern!

    I don't know if I'm making any ami for Christmas, if I have time, I might make my son a monster

  6. Nice! She will love that. How sweet and generous of you to make that for her.

    I haven't tried any amigurumis yet, but want to in the future.

  7. I LOVE amigurumi patterns!! Discovered a bunch of them on the Lion brand website. I've made a bunny for my little girl, and a turtle for a friend's newborn boy. They're so fun to make, and not all that difficult either. Have plans to make more in the future, amid all my other multitudes of crochet projects I have going...

  8. Adorable. The stripes just make it too cute!

    We love amigurumi at our house. Last Christmas I made my daughter a huge set of play food for the kitchen she was getting, and everyone thought they were great. Lately though Reli has taken to toting her little crochet bunny everywhere, and I admit, I feel super proud when I get to say "Oh yeah, I made that..." :D

  9. That bear is just adorable!! And what a lovely thing to do. I think homemade toys are always lovely to receive.
    Also- loving the reindeer amigurumi!!!!

  10. What a sweet and thoughtful gesture. It will be cherished. The bear is so cute.
    Still nothing on the package? I called the po but no help there either. It is listed as delivered. I'm so sad.


  11. What an adorable little bear! :) And how very kind of you..I know that this bear will definitely brighten this little girl's day.

    I've found your blog through Tea Rose Home Link Party.

  12. The bear is adorable and the sentiment behind him is even better. I'm sure she will love him.

    I cannot wait to make the amigurumi play food for my daughter!

  13. Wow, what a great and thoughtful thing to do! I love making amigurumi(s?)! I've made a bunch of them from the Lionbrand site, last Halloween they had an owl and a mummy and a skull those were all cool. Last Christmas I made 2 reindeer but not the same as the one you have pictured. I also made a few turkeys, also from the LB site. I like that snowman, I might have to make him :)Roxy Craft has some great ones, some are free even :) Thanks for sharing that great bear!

  14. Amazing work and so very thoughtful of you! Love it!
    Thanks for sharing at Show & Share!


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