Maybe Matilda: You asked . . . how I package my etsy orders!

Monday, November 7, 2011

You asked . . . how I package my etsy orders!

I got an email recently from a reader who had been looking over my Etsy Success Tips posts (here are parts 1, 2, and 3) and came up with a good question. I mentioned in this post that you ought to package your items as if you were sending a gift instead of a purchase--I want my customers to feel excited when they open their mailbox, not deflated when they open it and find an ugly package. So one reader requested to see how I package my etsy orders for shipment . . . I'm happy to oblige.

Hopefully it won't be a letdown--my orders are packaged in what I would consider to be a "middle-of-the-road" sort of way. The majority of the items I have ordered on etsy have arrived in downright ugly packaging (am I the only one who hates the big yellow envelopes? And addresses written in sharpie? And fragile items wrapped in crumpled newspaper?), so if we're comparing to those, I feel pretty proud of my packaging. 
But I know there are many sellers who put a lot of love and effort into their packaging (there's an entire flickr group devoted to it, and my word, their packaging is beautiful!)--compared to theirs, mine is a wrinkly manila envelope smudged with black sharpie. 

Unfortunately, time and money create a problem at some point. Frankly, I'd rather spend my craft time working on orders than working on their packages, and if I made the packaging too fancy, I'd have to pass the cost on to the customers. So this is packaging the Maybe Matilda way: inexpensive, quick-and-easy packaging that still looks nice and feels like a treat to open.

Here's what I use:
- Poly Mailers from Royal Mailers (I highly recommend Royal Mailers--every item I've bought from them has been top-notch, their shipping is crazy fast, and their prices are incredible.)

- white tissue paper (I just buy the big value pack from Walmart . . . I haven't even looked at ordering this online, because I have proven myself to be, for some reason, incapable of assessing my tissue paper supply and restocking before I run out. Walmart to the rescue.)

- cute scrapbook papers (I try to keep a large variety of colors on hand so I can match the papers I use in the package to the item inside the package . . . unfortunately, I'm running low right now [translation: I currently have two, count 'em, two sheets of scrapbook paper in my house], so for these pictures, they won't match the hat at all.)

- washi tape (won in a giveaway from The Modern Marigold! Yay!)

Since customers are ordering a handmade product, I like to keep little handmade touches on the packaging. I used to print out the address labels, but I've stopped doing that recently because I enjoy seeing a seller's handwriting and feeling like they put a little effort into the packaging. Also, I'm out of ink. So I write out the addresses by hand and use scrapbook papers to add a little color to the white envelope, matching it to the item if I can.

I also include a handwritten note with orders, written on scrapbook paper that matches what I used on the envelope. This hat was headed to a friend who's expecting her first baby, so this isn't the note I would normally send (and I'm feeling silly now that I bothered smudging out names . . . I can hardly decipher my own handwriting in that picture). If I'm sending an order, I thank them for their purchase and give a coupon code to use on future visits. I've been meaning to order business cards to include as well, but haven't decided where to order them (anyone have a site to recommend?).
I wrap the item up in white tissue paper, and seal it with a little strip of cute washi tape.
Slip it in the package and we're good to go! 

It's nothing particularly fancy, and it doesn't belong on the etsy packaging flickr group, but I like that it's clean and simple, looks nice, would make for easy gift-giving (just pop the tissue-wrapped item in a gift bag and it's ready for gifting!), and doesn't take too much time or money to pull together. I'm able to keep my shipping costs low while still sending out packages that, I hope, are exciting to open. 

Definitely better than a manila envelope and crumpled newspapers, right?


  1. Business cards? for sure!

  2. Thanks for sharing this, I've been looking for a place online to buy packaging supplies, I'm the type to goto the store every-time I sell and order and I know I should have them on hand.
    Also I bought my business cards from I got 500 for around $35.00 but I also did double sided printing which cost a bit more but its affordable and easy to design online and they are really nice quality. { you can see mine here if you want, not the best photo.}

  3. I just saw the cutest homemade business cards with a QR code on them here

    I think your packaging is adorable! Although, if I ordered a gift I would want to unwrap it and look at it before I gave it away. I could never just give it away without unwrapping it and admiring it first!


  4. Hey! That's me! I did notice how cute your labeling was. And we loved your stamp. Cory and I looked at each other and realized, "she has her own stamp!" Thanks again. We love it! :)

  5. PERFECT timing! I'm totally ordering some of those poly mailers from Royal Mailers.

  6. I'd suggest vista print for business cards! I've ordered everything from my wedding Save the Dates, to envelope seals, return address labels, wedding decorations (like congratulations banners), Thank you cards, Christmas cards, t-shirts - you name it and I keep going back!

  7. You are just full of great ideas! I love the handwritten note that you send with each order, that is very sweet.

  8. Great guide to packing up an order. It's always wonderful when something you order comes in a package that clearly got some care even if not a lot of cost went into it!

  9. You're so crafty. Do those hats come in adult sizes?

  10. Oh my gosh, HOW DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT THOSE POLY MAILERS??? I am stocking up now!

  11. Hi, I'd like to invite you to post your giveaways on our giveaway directory: Giveaway Scout ( Please submit your blog here: Once you receive our confirmation email you can post your giveaways on our site. Thanks.

  12. Thank you for posting this! These mailers are a great option for my hats and other crocheted items. I had been getting bubble mailers at Dollar Tree but those still cost me 50 cents each. The poly mailers are a much better deal!

  13. According to the ad that always plays on my pandora, Vistaprints has a 50 free business card things. I think the coupon code is pandora. I haven't actually gone to the website, I just hear the ad all the dang time.

  14. cuteness! I have been really pleased with They aren't free, but the quality is top notch. ps, my 2 year old is standing on the chair next to me right now. when I opened this post she saw that first picture of you and goes, "that's my mommy!" haaaaa ha ha

  15. Thank you for your post! I am new to Etsy and blogging and I love all of your great tips.


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