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Monday, December 12, 2011

Handmade Shops for Christmas Gift-Giving!

Can we get real for a minute here? Of course we can. I can say whatever I want and you can't stop me. Booger. Poopdeck. See?

Anyway, let's get real for a minute here. How many people, exactly, are you planning to make Christmas gifts for? 1? 3? 15? If you're anything like me and are realizing the cruel truth that Christmas is only 12 days away, some of those handmade gifts may not be happening this year. There's only so much time in the day. So, as I'm narrowing down my handmade gift list to what is actually feasible in the 282 hours left before Christmas, I thought maybe it was time to share a few handmade shops that would make a great addition to your holiday shopping list. Handmade gifts are always special . . . even if they aren't handmade by you.
I haven't personally experienced all of these shops--I have shopped with and love some of them, some are the shops of friends and family who pour an awful lot of love and talent into their work, and some I have just admired from afar. And many were found on my Handmade Shop Directory, which I would highly recommend you check out if you're looking for awesome handmade shops to visit! But anyway, these really are all shops I've found and enjoyed, and none of them are paying for a mention here. (Don't you hate it when you can't 100% trust a recommendation because maybe the shop in question paid for a glowing review? Not the case here. Shop with confidence, my friends.)

I love the whimsical paintings and artwork at Andralynn Creative Designs--her shop has a lot of fun items like felt toys, sculpted ornaments, and magnets and buttons, but my favorites are her storybook paintings. I'd love to snag a few for Forrest's bedroom:

This one, I seriously cannot get over. My old college friend Lauren is the knitting fiend behind All Stuft Up . . . adorable hand-knit monster and monkey stuffed toys. I love them so much it almost makes me sick.
(Many of her creations are made to order and probably wouldn't be ready for Christmas giving, but she has plenty of ready-to-ship cuties, like Harriet, pictured above, and all the monsters in her Ready to Ship section.)

 Speaking of adorable stuffed cuties, I may have actually "aaaaah!"ed when I first visited SOMA Craft Me Happy. Don't they just melt your cold, cold heart?
Such adorable little teddies! I want to take them ALL home!

You will seriously love the illustrations at Les Joues Grises . . . did you know garlic could be so delightfully cute?
I, for one, had no idea. I want that garlic print in my kitchen, stat (not to mention her other vegetable prints, too!).

My sister-in-law, Jaida, just opened up her brand-spanking-new shop a few weeks ago! She knits accessories and sews nursing covers . . . my favorite item is this sweet little poncho:
I want one for myself. So, so cute, right? Somebody better snatch that up before she realizes she should be selling them for, like, triple that price. It's $12. For realsies.

Dear Nicole has lots of fun home decor and holiday decorating items, but my favorite are the rosette necklaces:
I'm pretty sure wearing a necklace that springy and happy would obliterate not only your own winter blues, but those of any onlookers, too.

And if you're one of my family members reading this, look away now, because somebody's getting a gift from Sincerely Serenity . . .
Beautiful, fun, inspiring, and hilarious handstamped rings, necklaces, and bracelets.
I love the item I ordered, which I can't show you in case someone is peeking. It was customized for someone and came out just right, and was shipped really quickly in cute, gift-ready packaging. Two thumbs up!

That should be enough to get the old wheels in your head turning, right? Check out the Handmade Shop Directory for more fun ideas, and if you're here in Utah, make sure to visit the Jingle Bell Hop at the Bungalow Boutique in Heber for more holiday shopping, handmade creations, and family fun!


  1. Who knew that Veggies could be so cute? I wish I had a spot to hang those in my kitchen.
    And those knitted monsters. AHH! Someone is getting me one as a baby gift. It is already decided!

  2. Consider my cold cold heart effectively melted!

  3. Fabulous handmade shops! The All Stuft Up monster is so adorable!

  4. Lovely round up....and my list is still a mile long....with no end in sight. Sigh....

  5. Whoa! Small world. Lauren was at my house yesterday knitting up one of those adorable monsters. And... I know you don't know me but I found your blog when I was searching for a crochet pattern awhile ago and I got sucked in! Super cute blog!


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