Maybe Matilda: Homemade Jewelry Organizer Tutorial with Pretty Life Anonymous

Friday, December 16, 2011

Homemade Jewelry Organizer Tutorial with Pretty Life Anonymous

Do you guys read any fashion blogs? I am crazy picky when it comes to style and fashion bloggers. I love the idea, but it must be executed perfectly for me to fall in love with them. I've added and deleted countless fashion blogs from my reading list and currently have three (no joke, 3 as in "1, 2 . . . 3. That's it? Yep, 3.") that I have remained hopelessly devoted to. On my list of 3 steadfast style blog survivors are the sisters of the Pretty Life Anonymous. Two headless sisters (I presume they do, in fact, have heads, but I haven't seen them yet) with fantastic fashion sense (and one with an adorable new baby belly) who crack me up on a daily basis, inspire me to spend that extra 5 minutes putting together a sweatpants-less outfit in the morning, and are always introducing me to great new music, recipes, and trends. These two are winners in my book. And that really means something, since they are among the lone survivors in the barren wasteland that is the style portion of my Google Reader.
Well hi there, Maybe Matilda, friends! This is W from the Pretty Life Anonymous and I could not be more excited to be visiting Rachel's blog today, since I LOVE her and I don't care who knows it.  But listen, I'm not kidding you when I say, I NEVER make my presents. And I mean never. Not because I don't think that handmade gifts are awesome, but because when I try to make them I usually end up with multiple glue gun burns, a body part sewn to a piece of fabric, or a bunch of gunk that looks more like a lavender flower threw up, then the oh-so-thoughtful homemade lavender soap it was meant to be. These failed attempts have thus resulted in my becoming the BEST gift card giver ever at Christmastime. 

But this year, a Christmas miracle happened. Pinterest came into my life {cue choir's singing} and my desire to DIY was renewed. And you know what? I've had some failures, sure, but I got back up, dusted myself off, spent 13508 more hours on Pinterest, and eventually had some successes. And today I am going to show you one such success, one so simple, even the girl with the track record of mod-podging her hair together can do it. 

Here she is! A pretty little homemade jewelry holder. Isn't she just presh?: 

What you need: 
-An unfinished frame w/no back (see Hobby Lobby)
-A couple of any kind of knob or hardware hooks you find cute
-Enough wire mesh to fill in the hole of the frame you choose (see Home Depot)
-Scrapbook paper

Here are the steps. There are only 7. And number 7 isn't really even a step. That's how easy this was: 

1. Drill two holes a couple of inches apart at the top of the frame. 
2. Paint frame front and back, let dry. And paint knobs if they are unfinished. 
3. Measure mesh to fill the hole of the frame, cut to size, then glue gun in from the back.
4. Cut scrapbook paper to cover the front of the frame. Attach with modpodge.
5. After the modpodge has dried, attach knobs across the bottom with glue gun or screws. 
6. String through ribbon and rough up the edges with some sandpaper. 
7. Done. 

Take a closer look: 

Cute, right? The perfect gift to make any jewelry loving friend or family member, and a craft so easy and safe you'll even have all of your limbs once you are finished. And, it's like I always say, having all of your limbs = a Merry Christmas. 



  1. Thanks for introducing us to these girls---what a great blog! (Although, even after perusing it I'm still sitting here in pajama pants and a ripped up sweatshirt.)

  2. Such a cute/easy idea! I think my Nana could use one of these!


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