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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Top 10 posts of 2011

I am nothing if not a follower (just like my hero, Liz Lemon, with her Followship Award—and is there seriously not a video clip of that moment anywhere online? Come on, internet!), and I’ve really liked seeing all the Top 10 Posts of the year from so many blogs—it’s a nice little recap for lazy people like me who only read the posts with interesting titles, and therefore miss a lot of the action. So, based on post page views, here are my 10 most popular (ha!) posts from 2011:

#10 Ruffles and Dots Baby Blanket FAQ

I guess a lot of people had questions about how to make this lovely little baby blanket, so I’m glad this post, where I answered some questions I’ve received about the blanket, was helpful!

#9 Crochet Along Cowl Link-Up

It really was fun to see everyone’s finished cowls from the crochet along this fall, wasn’t it? I loved seeing all the different looks that came from a single, simple pattern. But I’m sure a good amount of the page views on this post were from participants sending their friends over to vote for their cowl.

#8 How to Read a Crochet Pattern

Well, I hope you know how to do it now!  I was kind of surprised this post was in my top 10 . . .

#7 Pleated Necktie Necklace

This is a super cool necklace, isn’t it? But here’s a secret: I’ve actually never worn mine out of the house. I love it, but it feels a little too bold for me.  I’ll make a New Year’s Resolution to wear it more. Then I’ll forget about it, as well as all other resolutions, 2 weeks from tomorrow.

#6 Ruffles and Dots Crochet Baby Blanket

I just LOVE this baby blanket. Next to Forrest’s blanket, this one is my favorite crochet blanket to make. It’s just so simple and sweet—I’m not surprised to see it has some fans!

#5 Knotted Crochet Headband

I would consider this to be my first “real” blog post. Before this one, I had only posted the very occasional picture of something I’d made to put in my shop (I hadn’t intended this blog to actually be anything when I started—I just wanted to snag the domain name to go along with my etsy shop). This crochet project is easy, cute, and fast . . . win win win.

#4 Floral Love Tee

I wore this shirt probably 3 times a week over the summer. It’s stained almost beyond recognition, but that sure didn’t stop me from continuing to wear it as if it were the only top I owned.

#3 Learn to Chain and Single Crochet

This one surprised me . . . a lot. Come on, people. Out of everything I’ve sewn and crocheted and painted and photographed, all you want from me is to learn to make a chain? Someone must have featured this post and not told me about it, because I can’t figure out why else it would be my third most-viewed post this year.

#2 McIntosh Knockoff Dress

This is another one that got way too much wear over the summer—I really love wearing these simple, comfy dresses. Plus they’re easy and quick to make!

#1 Homemade Sugar Scrub in Decorated Jars

Holy freaking moly, this post has like 500 million more views than anything else on my blog. It was shared on Tip Junkie, and if I check what’s been pinned from my site, it’s nothing.but.the.stupid.sugar.scrub. I find it sort of amusing that this is by far my most popular post, because I consider myself a crocheter and sewer, and this project has nothing to do with either. I came up with that sugar scrub recipe because every other recipe I found required all sorts of funky, specialty ingredients, and I just wanted to use things I already had in my cupboard. I guess a lot of other people were looking for the same thing!

Well, it’s been a fun year of blogging. I like it around here, and I really appreciate you reading and commenting and motivating me to keep creating and sharing with you. So thanks for your support and readingness (real word, trust me), and I’ll see you next year (don’t you HATE it when people say that?).


  1. This is, by far, one of my very favourite blogs to read. I love the things you make, the stories you tell, and the way you share them.

    Please, please keep up with the blogging and crocheting and being the funky, quirky, honest person you are!

    Have a very Happy New Year!

  2. All fabulous posts. Keep them coming!! Love your site!

  3. I started following you at the mcintosh knock off dress! LOVE it! (I love the crochet stuff to - but have NO idea how to)

  4. Oh, that baby blanket.... love! You have got some major talent, girlfriend :)

    Happy New Year to ya!

  5. hi rachel, i keep coming back to your blog coz its "rrreaall"! and i want to say thankyou cause i used your no 1 post and made lots and lots of homemade sugar/salt scrubs for all my friends in so many different 'flavours', which they all loved. i even made a coffee/honey/milk one which i kept for me!
    bpbajona at maltanet (dot) net

  6. Hi! *waving*
    I'm Nicky and I just found your blog. I LOVE it! I don't know why but I feel like I know you. I love your projects and bookmarked a couple to try out! Thanks! I just wanted to say hi!

  7. It's funny that you mention the sugar scrub post, because we made a TON of it for Christmas. That post is responsible for me finding your amazing blog (on Pinterest ha!) and my family having very soft hands!! My sister in law thanks you for the Vanilla Lavendar Sugar Scrub because she said it's like angels on her hands =)

  8. Hi Rachel, just found you via You have some lovely projects. I love your tie necklace, I had already seen it somewhere and thought it was very cool. I have copied the Mcintosh dress, hopefully sometime this month will give it a try. Looks so comfy. Will need to try the scrubs too. So many projects, so little time!


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