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Saturday, March 24, 2012

I’m a dum-dum + giveaway update

I certainly don’t consider myself a computer/internet wiz, but I was starting to feel pretty swell about my technology skills . . . I can write a blog post! I can search for people’s names on facebook without accidentally making their name my status! (Jeff’s grandma does that—cutest, most hilarious thing I’ve ever seen.) Heck, I can even make words send you to other places! A technology goddess, I tell you, right over here.

Until this morning. I have 3 separate email accounts (a business one, an older one I never use, and a current all-purpose one) that are all imported into the all-purpose email account (3 emails become one! Internet genius!). I’ve noticed a bit of a decrease in the amount of mail I’ve been receiving lately, but didn’t think much of it . . . after all, I am posting less often on the blog than I used to and am certainly not putting much work into ye olde etsy shop, so I wasn’t surprised to be receiving dwindling numbers of messages.

Then, this morning. I somehow wound up in the settings of my email account, where I noticed a disturbing little line of text that said something like this: “Messages from maybematildaquilts [att] gmail [dot] com (my business email address) have not been retrieved since March 10, 2012.” WHAT?! My business emails—of all the email addresses to not retrieve, the business emails!—haven’t been imported to the only account I check

I think that sound I’m hearing right now is my Internet Goddess award being repossessed.

SO. If you wrote one of the 50+ emails that was waiting in my untouched, undisturbed business email account, I am very sorry to have not responded for weeks. I’m working on it. Among those unnoticed emails was one from Tanya of 5 Berries Patterns, the giveaway that’s running right here right now, explaining how I could get you your 30% coupon to use in her shop if you gave her a facebook shoutout!

(In case you’ve forgotten about this giveaway, here’s a reminder of the dresses I made using one of her scrumptious patterns:)


If you already left a comment on the giveaway post saying you gave a facebook shoutout, I’ll be emailing you shortly with your coupon code! And if not, what the euphemism are you waiting for?

Go to facebook +

Post a link to 5 Berries Patterns as your status +

Come back to the giveaway post and tell me you did it (make sure to leave an email address!)

= I’ll email you a coupon code for a 30% discount in her shop.

Got it? Awesome. Have a nice weekend. I’ll just be over here, massaging my pride, and maybe reading Internet Basics for Dummies. I want that Internet Goddess award back.


  1. I had a similar problem with my phone this week... I hadn't received any text messages since Monday. I thought it was weird I didn't get a response in a few cases, but didn't think anything of it until my bff who is out of town called me to ask if I was mad at her. Oops! After I reset my phone, I had about 20 text messages come in immediately. Not quite as big a problem as not getting your work email, but enough to cause some trouble in my quiet little life.

  2. It took me a minute to realize why you wrote "BAHAHAHAHAHA" after the picture...then I looked at it again and did the same thing.

  3. Lady, you're still light years ahead of me---I don't even HAVE a Facebook, whatever they're called. Yes, I am in fact the only person on the planet who doesn't have one and wouldn't even know how to use it if she did.


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